September – December


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menuAny design situation provides a set of givens and variables. Your job is to find which is which, and find an approach. Somewhere in the mess there is always an answer. The job of the designer is to wrangle and corral information into a suitable format for usability.


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Shopsin’s is a New York icon tucked away in the heart of the West Village. Where else can you be told what you will have to eat and with whom you may eat it. With every helping of food there is always an extra helping of New York attitude. Love it or hate it, this is what makes Shopsin’s such an interesting experience. It is certainly an eclectic mish-mash of odd dishes with even odder sounding names. It is a graphic designer’s nightmare (as you can see) and if the food weren’t so good, one would never know what to eat. This restaurant has a strong, well established personality –- by re-designing this menu you won’t be altering that foundation, but rather giving it an organized, readable and cohesive look.

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Assignment:  Your job is to contain this beast however you see fit, but must adhere to the following criteria:

>> It must work as a menu [meaning it must be function: both readable and legible].

>> All text in the provided file must be included.

>> No images may be used anywhere in the menu.

>> The menu may only utilize two typefaces: one serif and one sans-serif typeface. Beyond that, the choice is open, but you are restricted to only two. Make them good choices. You will be asked to defend your reasons.

>> You may only use two colors. Black is a color [it’s a printed ink]. White is not [it’s just blank paper]. Tints and tones of your chosen two colors is acceptable.

>> The finished size must be useable by a person sitting at a table in a restaurant.

LOCATION: 3rdFloor Lobby
CURATOR: Amy Reynolds and Marissa Clausen, WOU Art Students