May – June


What Do You Have to Show For Yourself?  —  Work by Christian Rogers


boys wrestling-1 case






cloth face-1






My name is Christian, and I am a young artist working toward my bachelors of fine art in studio arts. My work is a reflection of what I am learning, what I have learned, what I am questioning, and explore. And these reflections manifest in the form of collage, design, sculpture, and installation.
In the past I have made connections between urban and rural environments and materials by printing organic patterns using mechanical means of printing. Through subjecting organic objects to a mass production printing treatment, I have learned that “natural” is a relevant term dependent on ones “natural” surroundings. Lately my work has shifted to a focus of self-identity, self-fulfilling prophecies, and my own need/want to fit in/reject what I am/suppose to be. Through this, specifically address the viewers and my own assumptions of stereotypes through altered found objects and imagery. I also call into question a person’s desire and wants as well as my own through the form of collage. Collage is a medium that allows me to work fast and intuitively. It also allows me to communicate complex ideas easily through the appreciation of iconography.

Through out all of my work, there is an overarching them of juxtaposition. Between viewer and object, myself and society, fact and fiction, and want and need. Within all the different media I work with, my goal is to offer a visual and conceptual link. I am linking the visual and the verbal, the conceptual and the material, the object and the site, the viewer and their history, and between fact and fiction.

My plans are to continue my education in studio arts, seeking a BFA degree. During this next year I will begin proposing more of my own questions, and generating works based around my own identity relative to American society. I will be creating a body of work that engages the viewer on a visual and social level making my experiences relevant to them.

As a young artist, willing and curious, being lost in my own work is one of the best feelings, and I am happy. My name is Christian Rogers.

NOMADIC  —  Work by Jacob Severson


bird rock-piece 3Ddrawing






card pug






I chose my subject matter by what is important to me at any given point in time, whether it is any feeling from joy to pain, or any a new topic that I am curious about or even an old topic that I want to revisit. The one connecting point is that they were all important to me at one point in time.
My concepts behind all of my work is the same, try to let any and everyone know how I feel about a topic, I will take a topic and show one or more sides of it just so that it will be out in the open and spark conversation.

Although most of my work is done through observation I find that it is still very intuitive because of the changes I make to push the limits of reality.

I usually create my work where ever I have a place to do so. I don’t have a studio yet so I have to make due with everyone else’s space.

Most of my work is done in multi medium, either charcoal and graphite or wood and metal, whatever my work needs to be complete.

I have always had the style of doing what I want when I want when it comes to art, but I feel that is the way things are supposed to be when someone is trying to explain themselves or pass a message.

I have learned a lot from this work, I know that my next series will not look anything like this because I am always looking for new ways to create art. I want to explore all options before deciding on one.

Senior Art Exhibit  —  Work by Joshann Schoen-Clark


wine-bottlemulti-wine-bottles book






blue-sculpture white sculpture






As a child, I grew up using the computer because my father is an IT specialist. I found that over time I was drawn to creating on the computer. With so much support from my family I continued a fascinating trek that led me to graphic design.
My mother gave me an opportunity to work for her non-profit company as their graphic designer. Once they had one they realized how much they needed a designer, and then developed things for me to do.

These experiences have led me to understand the need for graphic designers. The work that I do has been so helpful for getting the word out about what this non-profit does; the same is true for any concept that would need to be understood or learned about. That thought made me understand the power of a message, especially when it is clearly transmitted and received.

I feel that understanding the problem in front of me is key. Whether it be researching the topic, or taking some key phrases and running with them, the process leads me to understand the content in front of them. Other than that, my art is intuitive; I have a great sense of space and layout and do most of my art on the computer.

Everyday, every problem is a brand new experience.

Senior Art Exhibit  —  Work by Sadie Heintz


hand tree ear ear-canal






I am an artist with a message. As an artist who has experienced hearing loss, my work focuses on the awareness and perception of individuals who have disabilities. As someone who is hard of hearing, I use my art work to express feelings, thoughts, and emotions about coping with a disability. Through the use of various mediums and techniques, such as printmaking and sculpture, I build pieces that hold significant meaning to me as well as others. Using techniques such as screen printing, etching, and image-on plates I use multiple layers of color and ink to create an aesthic display that appeals to the eye as well as the hear – my sculptures hold the same intentions.

I have crafted pieces that are made from stone and wire that display varying relationships between the hearing, hard of hearing and the deaf communities. I try to relate to audiences how I feel about living with a disability. I am committed to educating the public and advocating for others with disabilities. My work shares intimate details of my experiences, both the positive and negative and how I have adapted to life with a disability.


LOCATION:  3rd floor galleries
Curators:  Christian Rogers, Jacob Severson, Joshann Schoen-Clark, Sadie Heintz