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In spring term 2008 WOU students interviewed local women physicians as part of their coursework for History 465: Heath, Medicine, and Gender in Historical Perspective with Professor Kimberly Jensen. Materials from these interviews were part of the Portland, Oregon installation of the National Library of Medicine’s traveling exhibit last summer at the Multnomah Public Library in association with the Oregon Health and Science University.




case_1For the context and perspective students read Regina Morantz-Sanchez’s study Sympathy and Science: Women Physicians in American Medicine (Chapel Hill: University of North Caroline Press, 2000). They established a set of common questions for the interviews, including information about education experiences, mentors, challenges, the evolution of careers over time, and how each woman made a difference. Sue Payton of the Technology Recourse Center provided training and technical support Students met with the women physicians in their offices and other locations to conduct interviews that averaged about an hour. The audio files of these interviews are housed at the Hamersly Library Archives. Students selected highlights from these interviews for their course portfolios and portions of those highlights are part of this exhibit.



interviewersWe express our gratitude to the nine women physicians who agreed to share their stories and perspectives with us. Thank you for your generosity Doctors Melissa Beal, Nancy Boutin, Linda Cunningham, Cynthia Harper, Susan Laing, Lauren McNaughton, Jane Mossberg, Beverly Olsen and Marge Thompson.

Interviewers and Exhibit Curators: Scott Brown, Stephanie Catt, Val Groshong, Desiree Hamilton, Kelsey Hutchinson, Kristin Johnson, Amber Massari, Kelli McGuire, Carole Mainwaring, Jennifer Patterson, Craig Perkins, Steve Stone, Catilin Summers, and Kimberly Jensen.




Location: 2nd Floor gallery
Curator: Dr. Kim Jensen, WOU Humanities Faculty & WOU Students