April – June


panels1Since the oldest cave paintings at the Grotte Chauvet, humans have depicted the world around them in many ways. The modern concept of cartoons (single panel illustrations) and comics (multi panel illustrations) developed through the 19th century.





panels2By the early 20th century illustrations appeared regularly in newspapers and journal publications across the country. Some artists used this medium to comment on current events, using human, satire, and irony in their drawings.





case1Halley Johnson was a student at ONS from 1928 to 1931. He was on the NORM yearbook staff, involved in the dramatic arts society, The Crimson O, and art club. The 1930 NORM featured his artwork throughout and many of his original works still reside in Western’s archives.





case2All the single panel illustrations come with captions beneath. The people and opinions depicted are characteristic of the era. Most often shown are people, some college students, dancing, smoking, and drinking what may be alcohol, contrary to the Prohibition laws in effect at the time.






Location: 2nd floor lobby
Curator: Stephanie di Bona, WOU History student