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This poster series is meant to portray some of the most prominent and influential Hispanics in history. This series spans a time period from as early as the1400’s, all the way up to present day. It combines explores, revolutionist, writers, politicians, sports stars and artist who have all left important influential marks in history.


Pablo Picasso
1881 – 1973

Picasso was known for creating surrealistic abstract paintings that greatly influence the art world. Exploring cubism in art, he help change the art world and open many doors for the modern artist.

Pablo Casals
1876 – 1973

At the age of 12 Casal was an accomplished musician falling in love with the cello. He played all over Europe, United States, and South America, residing and influencing musicians in Puerto Rico.

Hispanic-Heritage-Cesar and Gabriel-Large

Cesar Chavez
1927 – 1993

Chavez came from a migrant working family and personally felt the injustice of only receiving only a dollar a day for the entire families work. He began to join small “huelgas” or strikes against these injustices. He soon started making a big difference with non-violent ways of striking, trying to help the migrant workers pay wages.
Gabriel García Márquez

Márquez was born in a small village in Columbia, and is the oldest of twelve. In 1982 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, making him the first Columbian to win and fourth Latin American to be honor with this Prize.


Henry Cisneros
1947 –

Cisneros is a son of an Army colonel who grew up in San Antonio’s middle class West Side, not far from the cities poorest parts. At a young age this soon to be politician was a driven hard worker. In 1981 he was elected to be San Antonio’s mayor, becoming the cities youngest mayor to ever be elected, also making him the first Mexican American to head a major American City.

Katherine Ortega
1934 –

Ortega grew up during the Great Depression, but this did not dampen her spirits. Graduating form Eastern New Mexico University as a public accountent, she became the first woman to ever serve as President of a California bank. In 1983 President Ronald Reagan asked her to become the the 38th Treasure of the United State.

Hispanic-Heritage-Simon-Bolivar-LargeHispanic-Heritage-photo-Juan Ponce-de-Leon-large

Simón Bolívar

Bolívar is known to many Hispanics as “El Libertador,” or “the Liberator”. As a student of the Enlightenment, Bolívar traveled around the world expanding his knowledge of people and cultures. He lead many battles to free Columbia from Spain’s rule. His ultimate goal was to unit all of South America. His constitution for Colombia is still considered to be one of the worlds greatest documents.

Juan Ponce de Leon

When Chritopher Columbus traveled to America for the 2nd time, Leon sailled along with him. Known for traveling the seas for Spain, Leon is remembered for trying to find the legendary Fountain of Youth. History may never know if he found it, but he ended his days on the coast of Florida.


View of Exhibit on 3rd Floor
View of Exhibit on 3rd Floor



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