January 21 – March 14

Ceramic works by Don Hoskisson, Art Faculty Emeritus.

In the February 2004 Ceramics Monthly article Don Hoskisson describes his creative process. This journal is available
at the Hamersly Library.




Coil Pot Vase Pic1








Vase Pic3


Don Hoskisson uses a wedgewood blue for most of his porcelain vases. He recently added the butterscotch porcelain pottery for a new look of his famous hand crafted, detailed-oriented ceramic art. All vases are porcelain stamps that have an intricate design.


Cups Platters








Wall View

Platter in case Vase Pic5








A new direction in his work is stamped, stoneware slabs. This is the first time this work has been exhibited to the public.
Photos taken by Alex Ellis


Location: 2nd floor lobby
Curators: Don Hoskisson , WOU Art Faculty Emeritus