September – December


Each year the Center for Teaching and Learning celebrates the contributions of adjunct (non tenure) faculty in this showcase of Teaching Excellence. To celebrate is both to “honor” and to “hold up for public notice,” and both meanings describe this event. This exhibit revisits previous Celebrations of Teaching Excellence as a focus for the Northwest College Accreditation for Teacher Education.

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Each of the posters captures moments of excellence through photographs, narratives, descriptions, quotations, and student work and reflections, revealing a unique approach to teaching, a passion for learning and interacting with students. “Everybody is a story,” observes Rachel Naomi Remen, and “Everyone’s story matters.”


In this exhibit you will meet faculty from across the disciplines, and from both colleges. Some of these faculty have been at Western Oregon University for many years, while others joined the faculty recently. You will learn about their professional activities, community involvement and the passion they share with their students. You will learn about the many ways these faculty are making a difference in the lives of our students through their passion, commitment and teaching excellence.

2007 Excellent Adjunct Faculty Recipients

excellence william andersen.indd
Andersen, William
excellence ashby.indd
Ashby, David
2007 posters.pdf
Babson, Jane
2007 posters.pdf
Asleson, Elke









excellence shell baldwin.indd
Baldwin, Jeff
excellence judy beebe.indd
Beebe, Judy
excellence karen brown.indd
Brown, Karen
excellence leda.indd
Cempellin, Leda








excellence linda cress.indd
Cress, Linda
2007 posters.pdf
Crimshaw, Linda
excellence dechatelet.indd
deChatelet, Ted
excellence debbie duren.indd
Duren, Debi








excellence dyer.indd
Dyer, Jim
2007 posters.pdf
Eddy, Peter
excellence ensminger.indd
Ensminger, David
excellence gordon lee.indd
Lee, Gordon








2007 posters.pdf
Lowry, Judy
excellence mcfadden.indd
McFadden, Susan
2007 posters.pdf
McLeod, Scott
excellence menke.indd
Menke, Carolyn








rainwater excellence.indd
Rainwater, Lynne
excellence shaw.indd
Shaw, David
2007 posters.pdf
Thomas, Daryl
excellence van de hay.indd
Vandehay, Jan








2007 posters.pdf
Varani, Charlie
2007 posters.pdf
Wade, Philip
excellence ward.indd
Ward, Pam
excellence warren allen.indd
Warren, Allen










Curator: Jerrie Lee Parpart and Hannah Luthy