March – May



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This display is meant to compliment two other exhibitions on campus, including the Punk and Beat Generation show, Bop Apocalypse to Blitzkrieg Bop, which highlights LPs, gig fliers, and books/fanzines of each era, and the design show XXX: The Power of Sex in Contemporary Design, which focuses on images of sexuality represented in various forms of media, like print advertising and CD art. By extending the dialogue and contributing an additional catalogue of images, we hope to explore how unbound sexuality permeates fine art, corporate rock’n’roll design (usually made by commercial design firms) and Do-It-Yourself handmade punk art traditions (usually made by self-taught artists). It does not attempt to resolve complicated, controversial, and complex questions about representation, including the tensions that can unfold when viewing these works as liberating libidinal expressions, misogynist fantasies, gender bending visions, or crude objects. This is just a sample of work to generate questions, not answers.

LOCATION: 3rd floor Archives gallery
Curator: David Ensminger