September 18 – December 8




John Thayer Casey

John was born in Connecticut and rasied there and in Florida, California, and Washington. The first public display of his art, around the age of nine, was in an exhibition of school arts at the Lyman Allen Museum in New London, Connecticut. His future in art was sealed when an artist relative gave him a set of oil paints for his eleventh birthday.

His formal training in art included: a Bachelor’s of Arts in Drawing and Painting from the University of Oregon and a Master’s of Fine Arts in Painting from California College of Art, in Oakland.

His work is generally concerned with some aspect of nature, and sometimes with the mysteries of nature or of human existence.

John T. Casey’s work has been included in juried and invitational exhibitions at the:
Portland Art Museum
Seattle Art Museum Pavilion
Denver Art Museum
Oakland Art Museum
Frye Museum of Art
Coos Art Museum
Several Universities
Smalller Museums and Galleries and
Several National Watercolor Exhibitions



Exhibition List:

Title of the Work
The Logger
acrylic on canvas
acrylic on masonite
Pacific Morn
arcylic on masonite
Siren Song

acrylic on masonite

Red Memories
digital photograph
Skunk Cabbage

digital photograph

Relic Remnant
digital photograph
Homage a F. Kline
digital photograph
White Calla
digital photograph
acrylic on masonite
Sulos 1
acrylic on masonite
Lorod 2
acrylic on masonite
Daram 3
acrylic on masonite
Mekos 4
acrylic on masonite
Wave Form
cast aluminum
Entering Yosemite
acrylic on paper
Seed Dance
dry point
Eddy’s Eddie
dry point


LOCATION: 2nd Floor Exhibit Floor
Curator: John Casey