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Valsetz Dining Hall


CONSTRUCTION DATES: Valsetz Dining Hall was built in 1970 and dedicated in early 1971. The building was rededicated as Valsetz Dining Hall in 1991.

REMODEL: There have been several remodel and redecoration of Valsetz. In 1978 Hugh Donnelly painted interior graphics in the dining and service areas. The graphics were changed in 1980 by Neal Werner. In 1985 and 1988, remodels and additions were completed to accommodate the increasing student population of the university. In 1989 a weight room was added to the basement for residents. In 1991, the building was renamed Valsetz. A stained glass design by Jack Archibald was installed on the clock tower in 1998.

CONSTRUCTION COMPANY: The general contractor on the job was Batterman Construction Company of Salem.

COSTS: Valsetz Dining Hall cost over $1,000,000 when completed in 1971.

ARCHITECTS AND BUILDING STYLE: Valsetz Dining Hall was designed to blend in with the architecture of the surrounding dormitories. The Salem firm of Payne and Settecase were the architects.

CURRENT USES: Valsetz is the dining facility for on campus residents. The dining hall can accommodate approximately 1,300 students in its more than 4,000 square feet of floor space. The food service administrative offices are located in Valsetz, along with the University Residences offices.

HISTORY: Valsetz was designed and built as a food service hall. Originally called Food Service Building, the hall was renamed Valsetz in 1991.

OTHER INTERESTING FACTS: A mill town west of Monmouth, Valsetz was named after the Siletz and Valley Railroad that collected raw lumber from the town’s mill. Homesteaded in 1884 under the name Sugar Loaf, the town grew rapidly and by 1922 was producing 325,000 board feet of lumber daily and was known as Valsetz. In 1926 an elementary school and dorm was built in Valsetz. Oregon Normal School sent 16 to 20 student teachers for six week sessions in Valsetz. In 1931, the mill and the training school closed. The mill reopened in 1936 and town of Valsetz started modernizing. In 1984, only two years after the completion of a new high school, the mill closed and for the final time and the town was destroyed.