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Meet our alumni and students

Meet a few of our alumni and students

Cameron Wolf

Cameron Wolf '07

Tiffany Partridge

Tiffany Partridge '12

Ethan Choi

Ethan Choi '04

"As a military officer, my education in political science has helped to make me a better leader by giving me the tools to better understand the world around me."


"Model United Nations...was a wonderful experience both educationally, as well as getting involved on a more personal level with other students from both WOU and other universities." Ethan majored in political science, with a minor in humanities. He valued WOU because of the small campus environment, approachable professors, and the variety of extracurricular activities.

Derek Olsen

Derek Olson '11

Erin Focher

Erin Focher '12

Anthony Medina

Anthony Medina '14

"Growing up in a small rural town gave me a strong incentive to learn more about the world. WOU's political science program and staff helped to encourage my budding curiousity about the world and with that encouragement I studied abroad for a semester in my junior year.

"I enjoyed how personal my learning experience was within the public policy and administration major and all that goes along with that; the small class sizes, the more intimate professor involvement in students' academic careers and the wide variety of knowledge that PPA encompasses." 

"I grew up in a small rural farm-working town that was predominantly Latino. I, along with many of my other classmates, were first in our families to go to college. Through the PPA program at Western I have been able to grow personally and professionally."

Nick Herrera

Nick Herrera '09

Nick Herrera

Tayloranne Gillespie '13

LIndsay Bauman

Lindsay Bauman '13

"The thing that I admired most about Western Oregon is its small class sizes. I only had one class that was outrageously large, and that was because it was a general education requirement and it was a very popular class."

"I was immediately drawn to Western Oregon University because the campus felt like home to me. I declared my major before I even started my first term, and I never changed my mind."

"I think the public policy program at WOU is really great and I learned so much. I think the opportunities I have gotten is a direct result of my education..."






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