"After graduating last June I did some traveling to Asia for a month, moved back to Portland and started working at a doctor's office while continuing to look for a jobs tailored towards my degree in Human Resources. As I'm sure you are both aware, the job field is not easy to get into right now, although I do think it is improving. I tried to stay positive and apply for as many jobs as possible.

About a month ago I received a call for an interview that followed a job offer from a company in Reno, NV. I got offered to start and establish this companies Human Resources program and also help in accounting. It is a rapidly growing company that owns and manages retirement homes. Fresh out of college, this is a dream job for me! To be able to start fresh in a growing company and basically build their HR program is amazing. I feel very lucky and am looking forward to embarking on this new career and adventure.

The reason I got the job is because of the internship I did with Dr. Henkels. My supervisor from the internship referred me for the job because he had been doing some consulting for the new company I will be working for. I knew my internship was valuable, but I had no idea it would get me an amazing job like this...I think the opportunities I have gotten is a direct result of my education, in particular, what I learned from [my professors] and the help I received." 

Lindsay Bauman '13 | Public policy and administration major | Communications minor