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Spring 2011 History 499 Senior Seminar Thesis Papers


AUTHOR THESIS TITLE (and link to file)
Robert Richards Colonization of Cryene: A Historiographic Perspective
Jaxon Saunders “Alexander the Great: A Lesson Taught by Roman Historians”
Andrew White “The Role of Marius's Military Reforms in the Decline of the Roman Republic ”
Jeffrey Larson “A Fork in the Road: The Catilinarian Conspiracy's Impact on Cicero's Relationships with Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar”
Clara Scillian Kennedy “Caves, Water and Corn in Ancient Maya Myth”
Jennifer Newby “Jane Addams and Children: Educating the Future One Child at a Time”
Helen Chaffee “The Gaucho: Contradictions and the Construction of a National Symbol”
Jonathan Moch “Women in Nazi Propaganda”
Stephen L. Calkin "A Marriage of Convenience: the Prewar Relationship between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia"
Emma Thomas China's One-Child Policy: The Party's Rationale and the People's Response”
Melanie Pinard “Women in Oregon in the 1960s”
Sarah Goldsworthy Berry “Pancho Villa and the Lord of the Skies: Narcocorridos in the Mexican Corrido Tradition”


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