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Spring 2008 History 499 Senior Seminar Thesis Papers


AUTHOR THESIS TITLE (and link to file)
Ashley Barnes

Paintings in Roman Pompeii: Differences in Public and Private Areas of the Home

Jessica Bertling

Woman Suffrage Movement in Oregon

Matt Bond

Ivan the Terrible: Centralization in Sixteenth Century Muscovy

Rebecca Carlson

Don Juan de Oñate’s Prosecution for
“Crimes and Excesses” in the Provinces of New Mexico, 1614

Sarah Coelho

Theoderic the Great vs . Boethius : Tensions in Italy in the Late 5 th and Early 6 th Centuries

Joshua Duder

Fort de Caroline, 1562-64 & Fort Raleigh, 1585-1590: Periphery Victims of Spanish Religious Intolerance.

Kelly Gordon

The Origins of Westphalian Sovereignty

Mark Lowry

Boniface VIII and Philip IV:
Conflict Between Church and State

Luke Martin Boniface VIII
Mindy Nichols

Did Ancient Romans Love Their Children?
Infanticide in Ancient Rome

Jeffery Sawyer

Torture and its Consequences in American History

Anthony Sutton

Cuban Medicine through the 1990s

Jordan Wilde

Ancient Greek Hoplites and their Origins

Josh Woods

Homeland Insecurity: Truman, Hoover, and Intelligence


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