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Spring 2007 History 499 Senior Seminar Thesis Papers


AUTHOR THESIS TITLE (and link to file)
Chris Breyer Culpability and Concealed Motives: An Analysis of the Parties Involved in the Diversion of the Fourth Crusade
Kevin O. Collins Expansionism and Religion: The Fatal Flaws of the Aztec Empire
Sarah Crocker Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Female Body
Nolan Doyle Rome’s Bloody Nose. The Pannonian Revolt, Teutoburg Forest and the Formation of Roman Frontiers
Lahia Marie Ellingson The Bastards of Bataan: General Douglas MacArthur’s Role in the Fall of the Philippines during World War II
Erin M. Fleener Peter the Great as a Constructive Revolutionary
Mark Haner Bob Marley’s Spiritual Rhetoric, the Spread of Jamaican Culture and Rastafarianism
Derick Handley Broadcasting a Revolution: Radio Free Europe and the Hungarian Revolution
Brian W. Jacque Piracy in a Mercantilist Society
Eli Kem The Making of Australian Federation: An Analysis of The Australasian Convention Debates, 1891, 1897-1898
Lindsay Kubin The Importance of Fashion in Early Modern England
Tyler Yung Laughlin The Controversy of Constantine’s Conversion to Christianity
Craig Lockhart The Lost Legions of Augustus
Francesca E. Morrison Paramilitaries, Propaganda, and Pipelines The NATO Attack on Kosovo and Serbia, 1999
Kelly Peterson In Grave Danger: How the United States Responds to Threats to the Nation through Foreign Policy and Propaganda
Jared Quinones Internment and the Economic Success of an Unwanted Minority Group
Austin Schulz Capitalism in the American West: The Dalles, Oregon Surviving the Boom and Bust Cycle
Brian A. Sprague The Parthenon Frieze: Viewed as the Panathenaic Festival Preceding the Battle of Marathon
Samuel Aubrey Summers Leninism: Pathway to Dictatorship?


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