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Spring 2006 History 499 Senior Seminar Thesis Papers


AUTHOR THESIS TITLE (and link to file)
JP Johnson The 2nd Jewish Revolt: Cassius Dio Revisted
Matthew Jirges Akhenaten's Religious Revolution
Robert Moore Charlemagne: A Frank Analysis of Imperialism in the 8th and 9th Centuries: An Examination of Charlemagne and The Frankish Empire
Janna Moser Westerns: Creating the American West
Andrew S. Erickson Fidel Castro and the Economic Dependence Cycle in Cuba
Justin Jacobs Mark Antony: A Revisit of the Civil War of 43-31 B.C.
Katie Gray Pope Gregory VII: A Church Reformer
Emily Holmes From Side Eddies to Main Stream:
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 504 Sit-Ins
Mat Leslie Augustus Caesar and the City Plebs: How the Commoners of Rome Found Prosperity Under Augustus
Cory Minick Terrorism: A Journey of Self Recognition and Overcoming Taboo
Kevin P. Jeffries The Propaganda of Augustus Caesar: How Peace, Power and Stability was Achieved During the Age of Augustus
Jeffery Neal The Rise of Muscovy
Ron Vorderstrasse The Timber Industry and its Effects on the Pacific Northwest
Scott Seidler Unabashed Patriotism: How Thomas Mann Came to Embrace the Weimar Republic
Kristoffer R. Standish "We are the friends of the reform; but that is not reform": The Conflicting Ideologies of Abolitionism and the Labor Movement in the Antebellum United States
Jessica Coltrin Women and Baseball?
Kimberly McKeever Women and the California Gold Rush
Travis Moore An American Response to the European Revolutions of 1848: John C. Calhoun v. Reformists and Revolutionaries


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