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Spring 2003 History 499 Senior Seminar Thesis Papers


AUTHOR THESIS TITLE (and link to file)
Michael J. Anderson

"Puppet Wars: The Nicaraguan Revolution in a Cold War Context"

Sam Burton "Paranoia and Popular Culture in Cold WarAmerica"
L. Benjamin Cushing "Paradigm Piracy: The EZLN and the Quest to Categorize"
Tara Dickey "Keystones in the Pacific: The Strategic Importance of Iwo Jima and Wake Island During WW II"
Leslie Erin Dooney "Radioactive Reindeer: The Effect of Chernobyl on the Saami People of Northern Europe"
Ellie Enos

"U.S. Propaganda During World War II: Its Implementation, Portrayl, and Impact on Women in the Industrial and Agricultural Sector with Special Emphasis on the Oregon Farmfront"

Elizabeth Gifford "The Importance of Midwives and Healers, from Martha Ballard to Mary Peterson: An Examination of the History and Cultural Significance of Midwifery and Healing in Native, European and American Societies"
Bonnie Keady "The Good War and the Bad Peace: Conscientious Objectors in World War II"
Brian S. Kittel "The Evolution of Tactics: A Moral Look at the Decision to Target Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander in Chief of Japan's Combined Fleet"
Jesse Light "100 Percent Americans: A Hard Proven Fact"
Tim Melcher "On the Brink of Nuclear Destruction"
Erin Nickolson "The Southern Way of Life and Planter-Class Women's Perceptions of the Civil War"
Kalah A. Paisley "Beyond Original Intent: The Reinvention of the Everson Ruling by Constitutional Historians"
McKenzie Powell "The Influence of the Central Intelligence Agency in the Formation of the Cold War; 1946-1949"
John H.T. Watkins "Truman: The Man Behind the Cold War"

Heath Wellman

"Sex and Lots of Erotic Art to Prove It: The Erotic Art ofPompeii"
Kristin Williams "The Contradictory Mandate of the National Park Service:Crater LakeNational Park's Distinctive Position"



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