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History Department Research Grant


The History Department at Western Oregon University is pleased to offer a History Research Grant to history majors in their senior year. This grant is designed to support student research and the costs associated with that research for the History 499 Senior Seminar course. The grant amount varies year to year but has historically been in the range of $200-$350.


Students who have completed all of the Fall and Winter Senior Seminar requirements are eligible for the research grant.


To apply, history majors entering the History 499 Senior Seminar in the spring term should submit the following materials to the Chairperson of the Department of History no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday of the first week of spring term.

A one-page cover letter. The cover letter should include your name, the working title of your paper, a statement of your thesis and an outline of the revisions you are making to your original research paper. Please discuss the specific tasks that remain to complete the research for your senior thesis and how you would use this research grant to support the completion of that research.


A one-page budget. Provide an itemized list of your budget needs and a paragraph discussing how you would use the research grant funds. (Past examples have included photocopying, purchase of books or other research materials, travel to Portland or Eugene for archival or library research, etc.)


A copy of your most recent unofficial transcripts. You may use a print-out from your Wolf Web account.


A copy of your original paper.


The application materials must be submitted to the history chair by Friday of the first week of spring term. You may bring them to the Social Science Division office at HSS 231A during business hours.


The research grant will be awarded by the history faculty in a competitive process. In addition to the application materials described above, the history faculty will also consider the completion of fall/winter assignments such as the annotated bibliography.


The recipient(s) of this grant will be recognized at an awards celebration sponsored by the WOU foundation.



The following are the History Research Grant recipients listed by year with titles of senior theses:


Research Grant Recipients for 2010-2011

Sarah Berry, “Pancho Villa and the Lord of the Skies: Narcocorridos in the Corrido Tradition”

Jennifer Newby, “Jane Addams and Children: Educating the Future One Child at a Time”


Research Grant Recipients for 2009-2010

Hannah Marshall, "Voluntary Food Conservation: The United States Home Front During the First World War"

Sarah Hardy, "Temperance and Beyond: The Oregon Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and Progressive Reform during the First World War"


Research Grant Recipients for 2008-2009

Kristin Johnson, “Oversimplified Men: A Striking Comparison to Society in the 21st Century”
Joshua Hall, “Erythrean Sea Trade: The Origin of Rome’s Contact with China”
Mary Wright, “Marius’ Mules: Paving the Way to Power”
Nolan Kinney, “Positivism in Poland”

Richard Mansker, “Augustan Propaganda: An Examination of the Ara Pacis Augustae”


Research Grant Recipients for 2007-2008

Matt Bond, "Ivan the Terrible"


Research Grant Recipients for 2006-2007

Chris Breyer, “Culpability and Concealed Motives: An Analysis of the Parties Involved in the Diversion of the Fourth Crusade”

Nolan Doyle, “Rome’s Bloody Nose: The Pannonian Revolt, Teutoburg Forest, and the Formation of Roman Frontiers”


Research Grant Recipients for 2005-2006

Emily Holmes, “From Side Eddies to Man Stream: The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 504 Sit-Ins”

Kevin Jeffries, “The Propaganda of Augustus Caesar: How Peace, Power and Stability was Achieved During the Age of Augustus”
Tara Jones, “Footbinding in China”


Research Grant Recipients for 2004-2005

Ashley Bell, “Neolin and Tenskwatawa: A Comparison of Two Nativist Prophets”

Daniel Van Winkle, “An Examination of the Use of History in the Rise of Ethnic Nationalism in the Former Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia”


Research Grant Recipients for 2003-2004

Toni Kelly, "She Left an American: Hilda Satt Polacheck, Settlement Houses and Progressive Reform"
Clinton Trimmer, "The Salvation Army: A Case Study of How Industrialism Affected Charities"


Research Grant Recipients for 2002-2003

Kalah Paisley, “The First Amendment According to Everson”
Kristin Williams, “The National Park Concessions System: A Case Study of Crater Lake National Park”


Research Grant Recipient for 2001-2002

Christine Hull, “Belżec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Answer to the “Jewish Question”


Research Grant Recipients for 2000-2001

Thomas Bahde, "The Trammels of Nationality: Re-examining the German-American Civil War Experience"

Andrea Blake, "Henry V and the Battle of Agincourt: Transformation from Medieval to Modern Warfare"


Research Grant Recipients for 1999-2000

Nicole R. Miller, "Heresy and the Dialectics of Toleration in Languedoc during the Cathar Wars"
Isaac Stephens, "The English Reformation: A Historiographical Understanding"