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History Department

Degree Programs and Minors | History BA/BS | History Minor | History MA


For more information, contact Dr David Doellinger, (503) 838-8254, HSS 212,

The history department no longer offers the sequence in Western Civilization (HST 101, 102, and 103). For those students who took one or more of these courses as part of their major or minor or LACC sequence, they may complete the sequence by taking the corresponding course in the World History sequence, as follows:


For HST 101, substitute HST 104

For HST 102, substitute HST 105

For HST 103, substitute HST 106



World History (complete sequence) (12)

History of the United States (select two) (8)

HST 420 should be taken the term preceding HST 499. In HST 420 the student will explore the theoretical foundations of the research topic that will become the basis for the HST 499 senior thesis paper.


Students will use a paper completed for upper-division history course at WOU as a foundation for their Senior Seminar thesis. They will revise and expand this topical paper, with history department advisers, across the senior year to complete Senior Seminar (HST 499) in the spring term.


Select at least two courses from four of the five areas below: (44 Credits)

Europe/Russia (4 Credits Each)

North American Studies (4 Credits Each)

Comparative/Methods (4 Credits Each)

Africa/Latin America (4 Credits Each)

East and West Asia (4 Credits Each)

Consult a history department adviser in developing your plan. This may include History 407 seminars on topical/regional areas offered on a periodic basis. With prior approval from their History Department advisor, students may plan a program that includes up to 9 hours of Social Science electives relevant to their concentration areas in history to complete the 44 hour sequence.


Note: For the B.S. degree in History, students may take any combination of Math/Computer Science/Statistics courses as long as it includes at least one Math course beyond MTH 105 and one Computer Science course beyond CS 101.


HISTORY MINOR (28 Credits)

Choose at least one course from four of the five categories below and three additional electives. A minimum of 16 credits must be upper division.


Note: The history minor should be planned with the help of a history department adviser. HST 201, 202, and 203 are designated as North American Studies and HST 104, 105 and 106 are designated as Comparative/Methods.