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Major and Minor Information


Geography Majors: Click here to download the details on the Capstone requirements


Geography Major Geography Minor Planning (Geography)


BA/BS in Geography

The primary objective of the geography program is to provide students with intellectual maturity, geographic information, theory, and skills related to the solution of problems in a professional career. Those careers, in governments, corporations, and education, are based on understanding the intricate relationships between places, people and cultures. The program is a foundation for prospective employment in the state, nation, foreign areas and for graduate study. For more information, contact Dr. Shaun Huston, 503-838-8296,

Professors: Sriram Khe, Michael McGlade, and Mark Van Steeter.





Foundations (12)


Geographic Thought and Practice (16)

Choose Two:


Geography and Society (8)


Choose Two:


Human-Environment Relations (8)


Choose Two:


Capstone (4)


Choose one of the following three concentrations:


Culture and Politics (16)


Choose four:


Urban and International (16)


Choose four:


Physical Environment (16)


Choose four:



GEOGRAPHY MINOR (27-28 Credits)



Choose one (4)


Any Three Upper-Division Geography courses (12)





Choose one (4)


Choose one (4)


Upper-division elective in Geography (4)


Division of Social Sciences 503-838-8288 | or e-mail:
Location: HSS 231