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Our Goal:

Awareness and appreciation of the geographic dimensions of society.


Our Vision:

The vision of the Department of Geography is to be recognized for excellence in teaching and scholarship, and graduating students who are critical thinkers with a keen awareness and appreciation of the geographic dimensions of society.


Towards this vision, the department considers its mission to:

  • Offer a rigorous disciplinary structure for students to major or minor in geography;
  • Provide undergraduate students with geographic education within the context of the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum (LACC);
  • Support, and assist in the development of, undergraduate and graduate programs throughout the university by offering relevant geography courses for those programs.

Geographers seek to understand

  • Why things are located where they are
  • How places differ from one another, and
  • How people interact with the environment

If you answer YES! to any of the following questions,

then you may wish to consider majoring, or minoring, in geography

  • Are you curious about places?
  • Do you like to study maps?
  • Are you interested in International issues?
  • Do you try to see the big picture?
  • Are you a problem solver?
  • Do you like to work outside?



For more information please contact,

Dr. Sriram Khé, 838-8852,

Dr. Mike McGlade, 838-8381,

Department Chair: Dr. Shaun Huston, 838-8296,

Dr. Mark Van Steeter, 838-8855,




Division of Social Sciences 503-838-8288 | or e-mail:
Location: HSS 231

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