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Would you like to read about foods, nutrition, gardening, and holistic farming? Want to learn why we eat the foods we do, and whether they're nutritious for us or not? If you enjoy reading about foods--how they're grown, processed, cooked, and metabolized, this is the magazine for you.

If you're a dismayed foodie, turned off by cruise ads in food magazines and car ads in organic gardening magazines, Field & Feast is for you!

To receive four quarterly issues per year, send $19.00 to:

Field & Feast
P. O. Box 205
Four Lakes, WA 99014

Selected Works

Thomas Edison for Kids
A biography with activities and experiments for young readers. Chicago Review Press, 2006.

On Sidesaddles to Heaven: The Women of the Rocky Mountain Mission
The lives of the first six white women--missionaries--to cross the Rocky Mountains in the 1830s.

Seduced by the West:
Jefferson’s America and the Lure of the Land Beyond the Mississippi

A provocative look at the nation and personalities surrounding the Lewis and Clark era.


A Fever in Salem: A New Interpretation of the New England Witch Trials
“innovative... impressive... persuasive”

--Publishers Weekly

Cattle: An Informal Social History
The curious and wonderful story of the animal that changed human history.

University of Missouri Press, June 2005.

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