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1)  DUPLICATION OF COURSE WORK. Students who simultaneously take two anthropology courses that each require a special book review/report may NOT use the same ethnography to meet both requirements. They must read and write about two different books.  A previously written paper may NOT be resubmitted in another course.  If the student wishes to do further research on a previously explored topic, he or she should discuss the previous work with their professor and receive permission and guidance on how to make the new project substantially different.


2) LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION.  Please read the department's policies on writing letters of recommendation before  making your request.


3) HONORS PROGRAM ANTHROPOLOGY MAJORS.  Please read the department's policy for Honors students majoring in Anthropology and confer with your advisor.


4) DEPARTMENTAL HONORS.  To be eligible for Departmental Honors in Anthropology students must earn A's in ANTH 410, ANTH 411 & ANTH 412 and have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.


5) DEPARTMENTAL COURSEWORK.  All 64 credit hours required for the major must be taken within the department (except for department-approved transfer credits).  This ensures that anthropology faculty who will be mentoring the senior project are familiar with the student and his/her planned research.  Anthropology majors are encouraged to take additional anthropology-related coursework in other departments and should consult their advisors for recommendations.


6) GRADUATE COURSWORK. The 500 version of courses numbered 400/500 may be taken for graduate credit. The supplemental graduate syllabus outlines the minimum additional work graduate students are required to complete; individual instructors may tailor this syllabus to their course content and format.


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