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Anthropology Degree Programs





The Anthropology Department presents information and insights from the discipline of anthropology, addressing in particular the evolution of the human species and the nature and diversity of human culture through time and throughout the world.


Consult frequently with your advisor: some courses are offered once a year and some have prerequisites. Also, your capstone project requires advance planning. Begin with the foundation of four introductory courses (200 level). Complete most of these before tackling higher-level courses. Continue by exploring contributions to knowledge in five elective regional and topical courses (300 and 400 level). Mix in the two required method and theory courses and the two elective method and theory courses (need not wait to complete all electives). Complete a capstone project for your option.


How to design a major in Anthropology


BA Thesis Option

BA/BS Non Thesis Option

ANTH 410, 411, 412
⇐    Capstones   ⇒
ANTH 413 + Two more electives
ANTH 324 + One more elective theory course
ANTH 325 + One more methods course
Five regional and topical electives at the 300 and 400 levels
ANTH 213
ANTH 214
ANTH 215
ANTH 216


For more information, contact Dr. Robin Smith, HSS 209, 503-838-8357,

Become an anthropology major now. Download the form, fill it out, and turn the form in to Academic Advising & Learning Center APS 401.




Anthropology Major (64 credits total)




Choose one additional methods course from the following: (4)

Choose one additional theory course from the following: (4)

Choose five topical or regional courses in Anthropology from the following: (20)



Choose one additional methods course: (4)

Choose one additional theory course: (4)

Choose seven (7) topical or regional courses: (28)




Anthropology Minor (28 credits total)

A 28-hour minor program to be planned with the help of an advisor.


Department of Anthropology 503-838-8357 | or e-mail: