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Military Science II


Army ROTC Basic Course

The Basic Course takes place during your first two years in college as elective courses. It normally involves one elective class and lab each term along with the requisite physical training and field training exercises. You learn basic military skills, the fundamentals of leadership and start the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader.


Attending the ROTC Basic Course incurs no military obligation.


Military Science 200 series level course descriptions


MS 211: American Military (2 credit hours)

Introduction to Army Values, principles of war, problem solving, troop leading procedures, basic map reading and land navigation techniques, basic movement techniques at the individual, team and squad levels, battle drills, warrior ethos, effective briefings and communications, and basic rifle marksmanship. This class includes a familiarization fire with the M16A2 rifle.


MS 212: Fundamentals of Military Operations (2 credit hours)

This class includes an introduction to patrolling, terrain analysis, map reading, land navigation, route planning, team building, leadership styles and traits, effective army writing, and consideration of others. This class also includes a field training exercise as an integrated member of a squad.


MS 213: Military Operations II (2 credit hours)

Introduction to operations orders, examination of effective leadership styles, methods, and techniques, and offensive and defensive operations. This class includes a field training exercise consisting of squad tactics, military operations in an urban terrain, rappelling, and paintball competition.


MS 214: Basic Summer Camp: Leader's Training Course (LTC) (6 credit hours)

Four weeks of leadership training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Substitute for the first two years of the ROTC program. Summer only.


Leader's Training Course (LTC)

Cadets who join Army ROTC and have neither taken the first two years of Army ROTC or have not completed enlisted basic training attend this four-week course at Fort Knox, Kentucky, prior to starting their MS III class. LTC gets these cadets up-to-speed to be on a par with their peers when MS III class begins. Cadets receive both pay and academic credit for LTC.


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