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Military Science I


Army ROTC Basic Course

The Basic Course takes place during your first two years in college as elective courses. It normally involves one elective class and lab each term along with the requisite physical training and field training exercises. You learn basic military skills, the fundamentals of leadership and start the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader.


Attending the ROTC Basic Course incurs no military obligation.


Military Science 100 series level course descriptions:


MS 111: Introduction to ROTC (1 credit hour)

Introduction to ROTC, types of jobs available to Army Officers, Time and Stress Management, Drill and Ceremony, Physical Fitness, Basic Rifle Marksmanship (includes a familiarization fire with the M16A2 rifle), and the use of a magnetic compass with practical exercises.


MS 112: Land Navigation and Squad Fundamentals (1 credit hour)

Introduction to customs and traditions of the U.S. Army, Map Reading and Land Navigation I, Tactics I and II, Field Craft, and Effective Communication with practical exercises. Includes a field training exercise as an integrated member of a squad.


MS 113: Adventure Training (1 credit hour)

Introduction to leadership values and attributes, U.S. weapons, and map reading II with practical exercises. Includes a field training exercise consisting of negotiating a confidence course, rappelling, military operations in an urban terrain, and paintball competition.


MS 118: Military Physical Conditioning (1 credit hour)

Designed to prepare Army ROTC students to excel in the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). The APFT measures physical endurance in three timed events: two minutes of push ups, two minutes of sit ups, and the two-mile timed run. Other exercises are included to enhance muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio respiratory endurance, and flexibility. Class is instructed by the Army ROTC Cadre and assisted by the Military Science III Cadets to prepare the MS III’s for the Leadership Development and Assessment Course during the summer of their junior year. May be repeated for a total of 12 credit hours.
MS 118 for ROTC students. PE 118 for non-ROTC students.


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