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Fall FTX 2007

Winter FTX 2008

Field Training Excercises (FTX)

Three times a year, once per term, the Beaver Battalion heads into the field to conduct training exercises led by the Military Science (MS) IV class.  These outings officially receive the term “Field Training Exercises”.  To the cadets they are simply known as “FTX”. 

Fall Term-

During the Fall FTX cadets are able to fire and qualify on the M16 assault rifle.  There may also be other training conducted at this time, but the focus is on the M16 live fire event. Fall FTX is conducted at Camp Adair, OR. 

Winter Term –

Winter FTX cadets are able to cut their teeth on actual Situation Training Exercise (STX) lanes and put into practice training received during the school year.  During these STX lanes cadets are led by the MS III cadets through one of four situations: Squad Attack, Conduct an Ambush, Movement to Contact, and Reconnaissance. The cadets also participate in a Land Navigation course.  Winter FTX takes place at Camp Adair, OR and the Oregon Army National Guard Military Academy. 

Spring Term –

Spring FTX takes place at Camp Rilea, OR.  During this FTX the cadets are broken up by class.  The MS III’s join up with MS III’s from the University of Oregon Army ROTC program.  Last year the MS III’s were joined by Officer Candidate School (OCS) cadets from the Oregon Army National Guard.  These cadets execute a day and night land navigation course, STX lanes, and are introduced to patrolling operations.  The MS I’s and II’s are joined by their counterparts from the University of Oregon and OCS cadets who are not attending the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) the following summer.  The MS I’s and II’s also participate in day and night land navigation, but do not generally participate in STX or patrolling operations.  Instead these cadets are introduced to Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) training in a simulated city environment during both day and night conditions.  In past years the MS I’s and II’s have also competed against each other, school versus school, in a timed obstacle course and a paintball assault course.  The MS I’s and II’s have also been able to go on helicopter flights around the Camp Rilea compound. 

We would love to have you involved in the 2008 – 2009 training exercises. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Military Science 111, 111L, 211, 211L, 311, 311L, or contact our recruiting officer CPT Harrington.

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