Luckiamute USGS Digital Raster Graphics

7.5-Minute Quadrangle DRGs Covering Luckiamute Watershed (Source: PNW Regional Ecosystem Office)

(Projection: UTMZone10N, NAD_1927, meters; *.zip archives containing *.tif and *.tfw image files)

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Albany Quadrangle
Airlie North Quadrangle
Airlie South Quadrangle
Corvallis Quadrangle
Dallas Quadrangle
Falls City Quadrangle
Fanno Ridge Quadrangle
Harlan Quadrangle
Kings Valley Quadrangle
Laurel Mountain Quadrangle
Lewisburg Quadrangle
Marys Peak Quadrangle
Monmouth Quadrangle
Nortons Quadrangle
Rickreall Quadrangle
Riverside Quadrangle
Sidney Quadrangle
Socialist Valley Quadrangle
Summit Quadrangle
Valsetz Quadrangle
Warnicke Creek Quadrangle
Wren Quadrangle

6th Field Sub-Basin DRGs from Luckiamute Watershed (Moasaic and Clipped from 7.5-min DRGs))

(Projection: UTMZone10N, NAD_1927, meters; *.zip archives containing *.tif and *.tfw image files)

Luckiamute Landing (clipped, mosaic)

Upper Luckiamute (HUC 170900030-601)
Upper Luckiamute - Vincent Creet (HUC 170900030-602)
Upper Luckiamute - Maxfield Creek (HUC 170900030-603)
Upper Luckiamute - Pedee Creek HUC 170900030-604)
Middle Luckiamute (HUC 170900030-605)
Upper Little Luckiamute (HUC 170900030-606)
Middle Little Luckiamute (HUC 170900030-607)
Lower Little Luckiamute (HUC 170900030-608)
Lower Luckiamute (HUC 170900030-609)
Soap Creek (HUC 170900030-610)
Berry Creek (HUC 170900030-611)
Lower Luckiamute - Soap Creek (HUC 170900030-612)