Luckiamute GIS Data - WOU Invasive Plant Survey

ArcView Shapefiles (Projection: UTMZone10N, NAD_1927, meters) (*.zip files)

Benton County Taxlots
Polk County Taxlots (2004)
Riparian Zone Landowners

Invasive Plant Survey Points (2006)
Invasive Plant Survey Transect Lines (2006)

Luckiamute Watershed Boundary
Luckiamute Channel Location (Digitized from 1994-96 air photos)
Luckiamute Channel Networked Derived from CLAMS Landscape Models (DEM-based)
Main Channel Segments Between Plant Survey Points (derived from CLAMS DEM model)
1994-96 Channel Buffer Zones (25 m to 150 m buffer ranged derived from 1994-96 channel position)

Coverage Boundaries for Historical Air Photos of Invasive Survey Localities

Invasive GIS Data-All Files