ES331 Introduction to Oceanography

Class Syllabus (Adobe Acrobat Format)

ES331 Fall 2005 Class Syllabus

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Class Notes

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Introduction to Oceanography and Earth System Science

  • Intro Figures
  • Intro to Map Figures

    Review of Key Physics Concepts

    Geology / Plate Tectonics Overview
  • Tectonics Figures

    Marine Provinces and Sediment Sources
  • Relative Sea Level Figures
  • Physiography of Seafloor Figures
  • Ocean Sediment Figures

    Physics and Chemistry of Oceans
  • Chemistry Figures
  • Chemistry In-Class Concentration Problems

    Marine Stable Isotopes and Paleoclimatology
  • Mass Spectrometry - How it Works
  • Milankovich Orbital Cycles - Summary Diagram

    Atomosphere-Ocean Linkage (Air-Sea Interaction)
  • Atmosphere Figures
  • Ocean Current Figures
  • Understanding Weather Video Exercise

    Coastal Processes (waves, tides, morphology)
  • Tide and Wave Process Figures

    Powerpoint Slide Shows to Accompany Class Notes

    Class Homework Assignments

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    Lab Exercise Notes and In-Class Exercises

    Lab Equation List
    Unit Conversion Reference

    Introductory Video Exercise ("Understanding Oceans")
    Global Ocean Geography Exercise
    Week 1 Lab Exercise Notes
    In-Class Contouring / Bathymetry Exercise
    In-Class Intro to Data Analysis Exercise
    In-Class Intro to Chemistry Exercise

    Midterm Project Reading Assignment
  • Anderson et al., 2001 Reading
  • Komar, 1998 Reading
  • Komar, 1992 Reading

    Click Here for Instructions to Compile Midterm Lab Portfolios
    Click Here for Final Portfolio Instructions

    Lab / Exercise Answer Keys

    Key to Intro to Data Analysis
    Key to In-Class Contouring Exercise
    Lab 1 Key- Bathymetry Answer Key
    Lab 2 Key- Marine Maps and Charts
  • Correction to Lab 2 - Problem 3d
    Lab 3 Key- Seafloor Spreading / Tectonics
    Lab 4 Key- Geography of Oceans
    Lab 5 Key- Ocean Sediment
    Lab 6 Key- Seismic Profiling
    Lab 7 Key- Sea Water Temperature and Salinity
    Ocean Chemistry Problem Set Key
    Lab 8 Key- Analysis of Water Masses
    Lab 9 Key- Ocean Currents
    Lab 10 Key- Tides
    Lab 11 Key- Waves
    Lab 12 Key- Beach Erosion

    Study Guides

    General Guide to Studying Physical Science
    Quiz 1 Study Guide
    Mid-Term Study Guide
    Click Here for Quiz 2 Study Guide
    Final Exam Study Guide