ES106 Foundations of Physical Science
(Earth System Science III)

Class Syllabus (Adobe Acrobat Format)

ES106 Spring 2008 Class Syllabus
  • Tarbuck and Lutgens Earth Science Text: 10th and 11th Edition Chapter Comparison

    2007-2008 Finals Schedule

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    Class Notes

    The class notes are organized according to their order of occurrence throughout the term. They are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format. Acrobat Reader is invoked as a plug-in within the web browser environment. It is available on most machines at WOU. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free by returning to Taylor's Home Page

    Exam study guides will be included as the term progresses. Please check future postings as exam time approaches

    Class Notes - Introduction to Earth System Science
    Class Notes - Basic Math Review
    Class Notes - Basic Science Review
    Class Notes - Intro to Water and Hydrologic Cycle
    Class Notes - Matter, Energy, Heat
    Class Notes - Chemical Bonds and Chemistry of Water
    Class Notes - Water Pollution Issues
    Class Notes - Intro to Oceanography and Seafloor
    Class Notes - Physical and Chemical Oceanography
    Class Notes - Atmospheric Structure and Composition
    Class Notes - Atmospheric Moisture
    Class Notes - Atmospheric Pressure and Wind
    Class Notes - Weather Patterns and Storms
    Class Notes - Greenhouse Effect
    Class Notes - Global Change / Climate Change

    Video Exercises

  • Endless Voyage (part 1) - The Water Planet
  • Endless Voyage (part 7) - Water Properties
  • Endless Voyage (part 12) - Deep Connections / Currents
  • Endless Voyage (part 16) - Coastal Processes
  • Understanding Weather
  • Understanding Oceans

    Powerpoint Slide Shows to Accompany Class Notes

    Class Homework Assignments

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    Class Exercises

    In-Class Quantitative Problem Set
    Chemistry/Periodic Chart Homework

    Answer Keys for Class Exercises

    In-Class Quantitative Problem Set
    Chemistry/Periodic Chart Homework
    Density Questions on p. 50 of Notes

    ES106 Lab Data / Lab Answer Keys / Lab Study Guides

    Spring 2006 ES106 Lab Syllabus

    Supplemental Air Pressure Lab
    Supplemental Air Temperature/Climate Lab

    Lab 3 - Figures for Part C-5 (Atlantic Water Masses)

    Answer Key for In-Class Quantitative Problem Set
    Lab 1 Answer Key - Properties of Water
  • Hydrologic Cycle (powerpoint animation; rt-click-saveas-open in powerpoint)

    Lab 2 Answer Key - Heat Energy
  • Phases of Water (powerpoint animation; rt-click-saveas-open in powerpoint)

    Lab 3 Answer Key - Ocean Currents (Salinity-Temp-Density)
    Lab 4 Answer Key - Physical Oceanography of the Seafloor
  • Breakup of Pangaea (powerpoint animation; rt-click-saveas-open in powerpoint)
  • Seafloor Spreading (powerpoint animation; rt-click-saveas-open in powerpoint)

    Lab 5 Answer Key - Earth-Sun Relations and Atmospheric Heating
    Lab 6 Answer Key - Moisture in the Atmosphere
    Lab 6 Answer Key - Additional Work Packet
    Lab 7 Answer Key - Oregon Climate Analysis

    Lab Quiz 1 Study Guide (Labs 1-4)
    Lab Quiz 2 Study Guide (Labs 5-8)

    Study Guides

    A General Guide For Studying Physical Science
    Quiz 1 Study Guide (Updated 4/17/08)
    Midterm Exam Study Guide
    Quiz 2 Study Guide
    Final Study Guide