G492/592 GIS Applications in Earth Science

Class Syllabus (Adobe Acrobat Format)

Summer Term 2007 Syllabus
2007-2008 Finals Schedule

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Nair Comprehensive Exam Data (final.zip)

Final Exam Laurel Mtn. Quad DEM - Andrew
Oregon Dams Vector File (Arc Export *.e00 format - Andrew

Summer 2007 Lab Portfolio Instructions

Summer 2007 Final Project Instructions

Class Notes

The class notes are organized according to their order of occurrence throughout the week. They are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format. Acrobat Reader is invoked as a plug-in within the web browser environment. It is available on most machines at WOU. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free by returning to Taylor's Home Page

Lab Exercises and Data

Student-Version of ArcView Projection Utility

Lab Reference Materials and Support Software

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

Chang Text GIS Tutorial Exercises

Review of Topographic Maps

Map Projection Exercise

Raster Exercise Data

Spatial Analyst Tutorial

Image Analyst Tutorial

3D Analyst Tutorial

Geoprocessing In-Class Tutorial Data

Attribute Editing Tutorial

Data Exploration Tutorial

Data Display and Cartography Tutorial

Terrain Mapping and Analysis Tutorial

Avenue Scripting with Application to Spatial Data Interpolation

Introduction to Map Algebra

Mosaicking Images with Image Analyst

Rectifying Images with Image Analyst

Statistical Analysis with ArcView

ArcView Statistics Script Files and Tutorial Data (*.zip)

Class Slide Shows

  • Introduction to GIS Concepts
  • Map Elements
  • Vector and Raster Data Models
  • Map Projections
  • Data Errors and Topological Editing
  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Image Analysis
  • Geographic Position Systems and GIS Technology
  • Cartography and Map Design

    Final Project Instructions and Data

    Procedures for Electronic Submission of Exercises/Assignments


    (1) Clicking on the link at the end of this section will take you to a server called "WebCT".
    (2) Once at the site, choose the "Log On to My WebCT" option.
    (3) Enter your WOU student server username (the first letter of your first name + the first 6 letters of your last name).
    Use all lower case letters only!!!
    (4) Enter the last four digits of your student ID ("V") no. for the password.
    (5) Once you are logged in, look for the "Change Password" icon... you can change your password at any time!
    (6) Click on the "Electronic Submission of Assignments" icon.
    (7) Click on the assignment you wish to submit, enter the requested information, click "upload" and browse to your file folder.
    (8) Attach your scanned assignment file and click "submit assignment". You may resubmit the assignment as many times as you
    wish, but only during the "availability" dates.
    (9) Make sure you save a hard copy of your exercises to include in your lab portfolios!

    Note: Pay attention to the availability dates.

    Note: Print your final submission screen from the web browser, this will be your written record of electronically submitting the assignment on time!!

    Click Here to Go to WebCT and the Homework Page

    Instructions for WOU Terminal Server Access from Home

    Lab Portfolio Guidelines

    2007 Final Project / Poster Presentations

    Ross Waitt - Big Elk Creek
    Kristin Mooney - Elk River
    Pami Monnette - Gale Creek
    Courtney Stowell - North Yamhill

    Winter 2007 Poster Template (*.ppt powerpoint file)
    Winter 2007 Poster Template (*.ppt powerpoint file)

    Lab / Tutorial Answer Keys

    Exam Study Guides

    GIS Software/ArcView Extension Downloads

    Guide to Geospatial Analysis - Interactive Web Site (Smith et al., 2008)

    GIS Data Links / Map Theme Download Sites

    Oregon Data

    Oregon USGS DRGs from the Libre Map Project

    Oregon Imagery Explorer (OSU Natural Resources Digital Library)

    Interactive USGS Quad Index Code Locator Map

    State of Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

    Oregon Lidar Consortium

    WebGIS Resource (7.5 Min DEMs available)

    Pacific Northwest Regional Ecosystem Office
    REO OR-WA DRG Links
    REO Oregon Quad Name DRG Index
    REO Washington Quad Name DRG Index
    REO Washington Lat-Lon DRG Index
    REO Oregon 7.5-Minute DRG's Sorted by Quad Name
    REO Oregon 7.5-Minute DRG's Sorted by Lat / Lon
    REO Oregon 10-m DEMs Sorted by Quad Name
    REO Oregon 10-m DEMs Sorted by Lat / Lon

    OSU McDonald-Dunn Forest GIS Data Links
    Oregon Statewide DEM Downloads from OSU
    USGS Seamless Data Distribution System (continuous DEM coverages of US)
    Interagency Clearing House for Ecosystem Data - Pacific Northwest Region
    UO Library GIS: Oregon 10-m DEM/DRG Quad Download Link
    USGS GIS Data for Willamette Basin
    Pacific Northwest Hydrography Framework Clearinghouse
    OSU Digital Orthophoto Quad Library Index System
    CLAMS GIS Data (Oregon Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study) Library Index System
    Virtual Oregon OSU Data Portal (under construction)
    USGS Pacific Northwest Geologic Mapping and Urban Hazards Program
    OSU Research Forest GIS Data
    Oregon Dept. of Forestry GIS Data, Maps, and Tools
    University of Oregon Mallard GIS Spatial Library - Data Download
    Download Oregon Digital Soil Surveys
    Bureau of Land Management Geospatial Data
    Oregon Climate Service
    Oregon State University GIS Software and Data Portal
    Oregon DOQ Photo Index (OSU Libraries)
    Benton County FTP GIS Data
    Corvallis FTP GIS Data
    NRCS Geospatial Gateway (soils data)
    US Fish and Wildlife Oregon GIS Data
    University of Oregon 1:250,000 DEM Data

    Digital Data Services - Oregon GIS Data Bundles (Commercial Vendor)

    GIS Data Depot - Oregon GIS Data
    GIS Data Depot - Main Page

    BLM - Oregon-Washington GIS Data
    BLM FTP - Oregon-Washington GIS Data Download Information Sheet with Links
    BLM FTP - Oregon 7.5-Minute DRG's Merged into 1-Degree Sheets
    BLM FTP - Oregon 10-m DEM's Merged into 1-Degree Sheets

    Washington Data

    Washington State Geologic Map (Shuster, 2005)
  • Map Unit Explanation (Shuster, 2005)

    Washington Dept. of Natural Resources GIS Data Link
    Washington State Geospatial Clearinghouse
    REO 10-m Washington DEMs
    REO 7.5-Minute Washington DRG's
    Puget Sound Lidar Consortium (High Resolution Digital Elevations Models)

    California Data

    GeoEarthScope Northern California LiDAR Project (NoCAL)
    California Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Portal
    GIS data for northern California
    CERES USGS 7.5 Minute California DRG's By County
    California Environmental Resoures Evaluation System
    California Environmental Information by Data Type
    California Spatial Information Library

    National Data

    U.S. Geological Survey LandSAT Program (free data archives)

    U.S. Geological Survey EROS Data Center

    WebGIS Resource (7.5 Min DEMs available)
    The National Map Geospatial Clearinghouse
    Cal State Northridge Electronic Map Library
    Cal State Northridge Electronic Map Library - Animation Download Links
    U.S. Federal Geospatial One-Stop
    USGS Seamless DEM Data Distribution System
    USGS National Map Viewer with Geospatial Data Access
    USGS Atlas of Antarctic Research (DEM's)
    ESRI One-Stop U.S. Government Geospatial Data Portal
    University of Oregon Library - State Link Listings of Downloadable Data
    USGS National Hydrography Spatial Dataset
    ArcView Tools for National Hydrography Dataset (USGS)

    NASA Space Shuttle Radar Topography
  • NASA Space Shuttle Radar Topography FTP Download Site

    USGS-EROS Download of Select Space Shuttle DEM's
    U.S. EPA Geospatial Data
    ESRI GIS ArcData Online
    ESRI Geography Network
    US Geological Survey Geographic Data Download
    GIS Community Data Depot
    Center For Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) - **Excellent Website**
    GISDataDepot Free Data Download Home Page
    GISDataDepot US - Statewide Data
    GISDataDepot United States - Nationwide Data
    USGS online Earth Explorer - search engine for USGS map and photo coverages
    USGS Map Finder Search Engine
    USGS Air Photo Finder Search Engine

    General GIS-Related Links

    National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping
    Oregon and Southwest Washington URISA (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association)
    Willamette Valley GIS Users Group
    Oregon Geographic Information Council
    Federal Geographic Data Committee (Federal GIS Coordination)
    UC Berkeley Digital Library Project
    Online Course Materials: Environmental Remote Sensing (Richard Beck, Univ. of Cincinnati)