ES476/576 Hydrology

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ES476/576 Winter 2008 Class Syllabus

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Class Notes

The class notes are organized according to their order of occurrence throughout the term. They are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format. Acrobat Reader is invoked as a plug-in within the web browser environment. It is available on most machines at WOU. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free by returning to Taylor's Home Page

Exam study guides will be included as the term progresses. Please check future postings as exam time approaches

Introduction to Hydrology

  • Global Water Budget Figures
  • Hydrologic Cycle Animation (NASA *.mpeg 45 Mb)

    Basics of Water Chemistry

    Physical Principles Applied to Hydrology

    Math Review
  • Geomath Primer Kit

    Overview - Meteorology of Precipitation
  • Atmospheric/Precipitation Figures

  • Methods of Areal Precipitation Analysis
  • Planix 7 Planimeter Instructions - Map Area Measurement with Planimeter

    Introduction to Groundwater
  • Updated Unit Conversion Tables
  • Basic Equation List for Groundwater
  • Figures to Accompany Introduction to Groundwater

    Groundwater Flow Mechanics
  • Equation List for Groundwater Flow
  • Figures to Accompany Groundwater Flow

    Well Hydraulics
  • Equation List for Well Hydraulics
  • Figures to Accompany Well Hydraulics

    Overview of Surface Water Hydrology
  • Equation List for Surface Water
  • Figures to Accompany Surface Water

  • Link to OSU Stream Analysis Tutorial Website

    OSU Internet Video Course: BRE 407/507/607: Oregon Water Policy and Law Seminar (Mondays 4-6 PM; 1/9/06-1/23/06-2/6/06-2/20/06-3/6/06

    Hydrogeology Report Guidelines for State of Oregon

    Additional Readings

    Ritter et al., 1995, Overview of Drainage Basins and Basin Hydrology

    Powerpoint Slide Shows to Accompany Class Notes

  • Introduction to Matter and Heat
  • Water Chemistry
  • Hydrologic Cycle / Global Water Budget
  • Principles of Meteorology / Overview
  • Introduction to Groundwater
  • Groundwater Flow-Well Hydraulics-Aquifer Testing

    Lab Exercises

    Introductory Hydrology Problems (Veisman and Lewis Chap. Problems)
    Intro to Quantitative Applications in Geoscience
    Intro to Spreadsheets, MS Excel, and Data Analysis
    Intro to Applied Problems in Hydrology
    Analysis of Oregon Climate Data
    In-Class Precipitation Anlysis Exercise
    Mono Lake Water Budget Exercise
    Contouring Exercise / Isohyet Map of Eastern Oregon
    Cascade Mountain Ice Budget Lab
    Groundwater Problem Set 1 (Introduction to Groundwater)
    Groundwater Problem Set 2 (Groundwater Flow)

    Well Hydraulics / Aquifer Testing Exercise

    Watershed Morphometry and Surface Water Hydrology

    Digital Mapping / Surfer Exercises


    Flood Frequency Analysis Exercise

    Background Reading: Overview of Flood Frequency Analysis
  • USGS Hydro Subcommittee Publication 17B (1982) - Guidelines for Determining Flood Flow Frequency
  • Beeson, 1968, Comparison of Flood Frequency Methods Used by Federal Agencies
  • Flood Frequency Terminology
  • Tips and Guidelines for Conducting Streamflow Analysis

    Flood Frequency Lab Exercise
  • Western Oregon Peak Flow Data Records (*.xls)
  • Click Here for Simplified Log Pearson Type III Flood Frequency Worksheet (*.xls)
  • Alsea River Flood Frequency Tutorial / Example
  • US Regional Map Skew Coefficients (*.gif image file)
  • USGS Historical Streamflow Data
  • USGS Real-time Streamflow data

    Annual Streamflow Analysis Exercise

  • Overview of Annual Streamflow Analysis
  • Tutorial on Annual Streamflow Anlysis
  • Annual Tutorial Data (*.xls)

    Daily Streamflow Analysis Exercise

  • Tutorial on Daily Streamflow Analysis
  • Tutorial on Instantaneous Streamflow Analysis
  • Instantaneous Tutorial Data (*.xls)

    Flow Duration Analysis Exercise

  • Overview of Flow Duration Analysis
  • Tutorial on Flow Duration Analysis
  • Flow Duration Tutorial Data (*.xls)

    Lab Data

    Click Here for Midterm Exam (EXCEL) Data

    Planix 7 Planimeter Instructions - Map Area Measurement with Planimeter

    Unit Conversion Tables for Lab Exercises
    Dictionary of Measurement Units

    Link to Online Custom / Printable Graph Paper
  • 10 x 10 (10 lines/inch) Graph Paper

    Intro to Excel Data Set (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Oregon Weather Station Locations (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Oregon Climate Zone 1 (Coastal) Precipitation Data (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Oregon Climate Zone 2 (Willamette Valley) Precipitation Data (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Oregon Climate Zone 4 (High Cascades) Precipitation Data (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Oregon Climate Zone 7 (High Lava Plains) Precipitation Data (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Cascade Mountain Ice Budget Data (Excel Spreadsheet)

    Oregon 7.5-min DEM's Link (Surfer Exercise)
  • Monmouth 7.5-minute Quadrangle, 10-m Digital Elevation Model (*.zip)
  • Marys Peak 7.5-minute Quadrangle, 10-m Digital Elevation Model (*.zip)

    Surfer Intro Lab - Oregon Precipitation Data
    Surfer Intro Lab - Oregon Weather Station Elevation Data
    Surfer Lab - Oregon Basemap Data Overlays (Counties, Rivers, Roads)

    Surfer Groundwater Mapping Lab - Digitized Groundwater Elevation Data

    Surface Water Hydrology Lab Data
    Gumbel Plot Graph Paper for Recurrence Interval Data

    Hydrology Text Data

    Exercise 2-2/3 Flow Data for NH River
    Exercise 3-3 Global Surface Temp. / Greenhouse Effect
    Exercise 3-12 Effects of ET on Global Water Balance
    Exercise 3-13 Precipitation-ET-Runoff Calculator
    Exercise 4-6 Double Mass Curve
    Exercise 4-8 Sesonal Precipitation / Circular Stats
    Exercise 4-9 Intensity-Duration-Frequency Analysis
    Exercise 5-2 Solar Radiation Calculator
    Exercise 5-3 Daily Snowmelt Calculator
    Exercise 6-7/8 Soil Infitration
    Exercise 7-1/2 Oklahoma Meteorologic Data
    Exercise 7-6 Transpiration Calculation via Penmann-Monteith Equation
    Exercise 7-13 Water Blance Data
    Exercise 7-13 Thornthwaite Water Balance
    Exercise 8-2/13 Theis Drawdown Problem
    Exercise 8-10 Streamflow Loss/Gain Calculation
    Exercise 9-1 River reach inflow (convex method)
    Exercise 10-6/7 Oxygen-Sag Curve for BO Wastes
    Exercise 10-7 Lake Nutrient Concentrations
    Exercise 10-9/10 Flood-Damage Reduction Exercise

    Lab Answer Keys

    In-Class Water Budget Exercise
    Introductory Hydrology Problems (Veisman Chap1)

    In-Class Water Properties Exercise
    Homework 1 - Introduction to Quantitative Problems
    Homework 2 - Introduction to Applied Problems in Hydrology
    Isohyets / Contouring Exercise
    Theissen Average Rainfall Exercise
    Groundwater Problem Set 1
    Groundwater Problem Set 2
    Intro to Surfer / Digital Mapping
    Groundwater Mapping with Surfer
    Well Hydraulics / Aquifer Testing

    Study Guides

    Glossary of Hydrology Terms
    Click Here for 2008 Midterm Study Guide (Updated Feb. 11, 2008)

    Final Study Guide
    Click Here for 2008 Midterm Portfolio Instructions

    Click Here for Final Portfolio Instructions / Final Exam Study Guide

    Hydrology-Related Links


    Link to CUAHSI (Universities Allied for Water Research)
    Link to PNW Hydrologic Observatory Web Site at OSU


    American Institute of Hydrology
    American Water Resources Association


    USGS Groundwater Data for Nation


    NOAA Hydrologic Information Center
    National Weather Service
    Intellicast - Local Weather
    USA Weather Hub
    The Weather Channel
    Unisys Weather Data / Satellite Images
    NOAA Index of Websites


    USDA Climate Maps and Prism Data
    National Climatic Data Center
    World Climate Data
    Columbia University Climate Data Library
    Instit. for Study of Oceans and Atmosphere
    University of Oregon Global Climate Animations


    National Snow and Ice Data Center
    USDA National Water and Climate Data Center
    NWS River Forecast Center
    NWS Snowfall and Snowpack Data


    USDA Soil Moisture Data
    University of Arizona Soil Moisture Data Center


    USGS Office of Surface Water Web Site
  • USGS Historical Streamflow Data
  • USGS Real-time Streamflow data
    USGS NAWQA Water Quality Program
    USGS Gaging Station Data
    USGS Water Use in U.S.
    NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center
    NWS River Forecast Center
    National Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center
    Global Change and Paleoclimate Directory
    Link to USGS StreamStats Website


    Link to Regional Hydro-Ecologic Simulation System at San Diego State
    Dartmouth Flood Observatory
    NOAA Drought Information Center
    NOAA El Nino Website
    Water on the Web (NSF Educational Site)
    Water Resources Directory


    International Groundwater Modelling Center
    USGS Water Resources Software
    Graph Print Software Download