ES322 Geomorphology Journal Reading Exercise

Reference List

Journal Reading Assignment: Due Oct. 12, 2010 (Updated to include student paper selections)

Downloadable Papers - Alphabetical Order (*.pdf files)

Abbühl et al., 2010, El Niño forcing on 10Be-based surface denudation rates in the northwestern Peruvian Andes? (DZIEKAN)

Alexandrowicz and Margielewski, 2010, Impact of mass movements on geo- and biodiversity in the Polish Outer (Flysch) Carpathians (LEET)

Andreotti et al., 2010, Measurements of the aeolian sand transport saturation length (FLETCHER)

Böse and Brande, 2010, Landscape history and man-induced landscape changes in the young morainic area of the North European Plain - a case study from the Bäke Valley, Berlin (DESJARDIN)

Cadol and Wohl, 2010, Wood retention and transport in tropical, headwater streams, La Selva Biological Station, Costa Rica

Cheetham et al., 2010, Nonsynchronous, episodic incision: Evidence of threshold exceedance and complex response as controls of terrace formation

Damm and Hagedorn, 2010, Holocene floodplain formation in the southern Cape region, South Africa

Duvert et al., 2010, Drivers of erosion and suspended sediment transport in three headwater catchments of the Mexican Central Highlands

Eppes et al., 2010, Cracks in desert pavement rocks: Further insights into mechanical weathering by directional insolation (DANA)

Figueroa and Knott, 2010, Tectonic geomorphology of the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains (California): Evidence for uplift and basin formation (MEYER)

Hall and Migo?, 2010, The first stages of erosion by ice sheets: Evidence from central Europe (DEVENBERG)

Hood, 2010, Delta distributary dynamics in the Skagit River Delta (Washington, USA): Extending, testing, and applying avulsion theory in a tidal system (BROWN)

Johnson et al., 2010, Topographic disturbance of subaqueous gravel substrates by signal crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus)

Lytwyn, 2010, Remote sensing and GIS investigation of glacial features in the region of Devil's Lake State Park, South-Central Wisconsin, USA (PHILLIPS)

Maeda et al., 2010, Potential impacts of agricultural expansion and climate change on soil erosion in the Eastern Arc Mountains of Kenya (BECKER)

Ponza et al., 2010, Thrust-fold activity at the mountain front of the Northern Apennines (Italy) from quantitative landscape analysis (SAMPLE)

Prince et al., 2010, New physical evidence of the role of stream capture in active retreat of the Blue Ridge escarpment, southern Appalachians (KELLER)

Rink and Lopez, 2010, OSL-based lateral progradation and aeolian sediment accumulation rates for the Apalachicola Barrier Island Complex, North Gulf of Mexico, Florida

Salinas and López-Blanco, 2010, Geomorphic assessment of the debris avalanche deposit from the Jocotitlán volcano, Central Mexico

Strasser et al., 2010, Quantifying erosion over timescales of one million years: A photogrammetric approach on the amount of Rhenish erosion in southwestern Germany