ES322 Geomorphology and Aerial Photo Interpretation

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ES322 Fall 2012 Class Syllabus
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Class Notes

The class notes are organized according to their order of occurrence throughout the term. They are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format. Acrobat Reader is invoked as a plug-in within the web browser environment. It is available on most machines at WOU. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free by returning to Taylor's Home Page

Exam study guides will be included as the term progresses. Please check future postings as exam time approaches


  • Introduction to Landscape Analysis Exercise (MS Powerpoint)
  • Physics Review Exercise
  • Geomorphic Terminology and Definitions (Osterkamp, 2008)

    Review of Topographic Map Principles

    Geomorphology and Quaternary Age Dating

    Weathering and Soils
  • Unified Soil Classification
  • In-Class Exercise on Sunset Bay Soil Profile
  • Soil Profile Image Bank (Mich. St. Univ)
  • Triangular Diagrams (blank for soil textures)

  • WOU/DeVolder Science Center Geotechnical Report

    Mass Wasting / Hillslopes
  • Angle of Repose/Slope Stability In-Class Activity

  • YouTube Debris Flow Video (Oct. 2009)
  • Rockfall Video from Tennessee
  • You Tube: Standard Penetration Test / Split Spoon Sampling Demonstration
  • Youtube Landslide Video - National Geographic
  • Youtube Landslide Mitigation - Wyoming

  • Web link to USGS Debris Flume Photo Archives
  • In-Class Exercise on Baker Ck Landslide / Erosion Rates
  • HJ Andrews Debris Flow Flume (See page 11-12; Oregon Geology, Fall 2006)
  • Mt. Hood / White River Case Study (See page 3-18; Oregon Geology, Fall 2006)

  • Notes on Debris Flow Disturbance in Stream Networks - Andrews Experimental Forest

    Overview of Engineering Geology

    Introduction to Aerial Photography
  • Figures to Accompany Aerial Photography Notes
  • In-Class Exercise on Spatial Scales / Raster Images
  • In-Class Exercise: Determining Scale of and Air Photo
  • In-Class Exercise: Large-Scale Photo Analysis

    Taylor Geomorphic Mapping Criteria

    Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Figures to Accompany Fluvial Notes

  • River Systems - Key Word Search Exercise

  • Notes on Alluvial Fans
  • Basics of Rain-on-Snow Flooding in Western Oregon
  • Basics of Oregon Salmonid Fisheries

    Glacial Processes and Landforms
  • Figures to Accompany Glacial Notes
  • Glaciers - Key Word Search Exercise

  • Video Exercise: The "Big Chill" Climate Change
  • Video Exercise: "Surviving the Ice Age"
  • Video Exercise: "Surviving the Ice Age" ver 2

    Quaternary Climate Change and Geomorphology
  • Milankovitch Animation (*.swf shockwave flash file)

    Arid Zone Geomorphology and Processes

    Tectonic Geomorphology
  • Maverick Spring, WY Topo Map Example
  • In-Class Exercise: Topographic Expression of Folded Terrain
  • Figures to Accompany Tectonic Notes

    Geomorphology of Volcanic / Igneous Landscapes
  • Figures to Accompany Volcanic Notes

    Coastal Geomorphology
  • Figures to Accompany Coastal Notes
  • Quaternary Ice Volume Climate Reconstructions
  • In-Class Coastal Exercise

    Landform Word Search / Worksheet

    Field Trip Guides

    ES322 DeVolder Science Center Construction Site Field Guide

    Field Trip: Introduction to Geomorphology and the Luckiamute Watershed

    Sunset Bay Neotectonics Field Guide

    Smith Rock Field Trip Guide (See p. 15-23; Oregon Geology, Fall 2006)
    Introduction to Fluvial Geomorphology and the Luckiamute Watershed
    Geology and Geomorphology of the Mid-Willamette Valley
    Video Exercise - Regional Geology and Geomorphology of the U.S.

    Class Slide Shows

    Introduction to Geomorphology
    Weathering Processes and Regolith Production
    Soils Geomorphology
    Aerial Photography and Interpretation
    Mass Wasting and Hillslope Processes
    Class Slide Show: Tyee Landscapes and Lithologic Controls on Landliding and Mass Wasting in the Oregon Coast Range Rivers and Fluvial Systems
    Glacial Processes and Landforms
    Quaternary Age Dating
  • Quaternary Time Scale (Wright and others, 1988)
    Quaternary Climate Change
    Tectonic Geomorphology
    Volcanic Landscapes
    Coastal Geomorphology

    Reference Resources for Geomorphic Terminology and Concepts

  • Geomorphic Terminology and Definitions (Osterkamp, 2008)

  • Geomorphology Encyclopedia A-D
  • Geomorphology Encyclopedia E-H
  • Geomorphology Encyclopedia I-M
  • Geomorphology Encyclopedia N-P
  • Geomorphology Encyclopedia Q-Z
  • Geomorphology Encyclopedia Key Word Index

    Case Studies in Applied Geomorphology

    WOU / DeVolder Science Center Geotechnical Review Exercise(NEW!)
  • WOU / DeVolder Science Center Geotechnical Report
  • You Tube: Standard Penetration Test / Split Spoon Sampling Demonstration

    Major et al. 2012, Geomorphic Response to Marmot Dam Removal (NEW!)
    Major et al. 2010, Marmot Dam Reading (Alternative Assignment)
    O'Connor et al., 2008, Marmot Dam Reading (Alternative Assignment)
  • Time Lapse Video Downstream of Marmot Dam Breach
  • Time Lapse Video Upstream of Marmot Dam Breach

    Dam Breach Video: White Salmon River, WA, Oct. 26, 2011

    Capstone Project: Contextual Applications in Fluvial Geomorphology
  • Chin, in press, Effects of Urbanization on Rivers
  • Goudie, in press, Effects of Global Warming on Rivers

    HWY 20 Landslide Fieldtrip: Reactivation of Paleolandslides in Tyee Landscapes of the Central Oregon Coast Range
  • Field Trip Departs 1 PM Thursday Oct. 18 - NSB Jackson Street Entrance
  • Fieldtrip Reading Assignment 1: Hammond et al. 2009, Paleo-landslides in the Tyee Formation
  • Fieldtrip Reading Assignment 2: Roering et al., 2005, Lithologic Controls on Deep-Seated Landslides in the Central Oregon Coast Range

    Field Trip Notes 1: Overview of Tyee Landscape/Central Coast Range Geology (Taylor Summary)
    Field Trip Notes 2: ODOT Hwy 20 Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville Project (Squire Summary)
    Link to ODOT Hwy 20 Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville Project Website
    Bedrock Geology and Soil Maps for Pioneer Mountain-Eddyville Project Area

    Lab Exercises and Resources

    Unit Conversion Tables for Lab Exercises

    Link to Online Custom / Printable Graph Paper
  • 10 x 10 (10 lines/inch) Graph Paper
  • Triangular Diagrams (blank for soil textures)

    Geologic Time Scale (DNAG, 1983)
    Geologic Time Scale (MacRae, 1996)
    Quaternary Time Scale (Wright and others, 1988)

    Geomorphic Terminology and Definitions (Osterkamp, 2008)

    Lab 1A - Review of Topographic Maps
  • Map Scale Review Exercise

    Lab 1B - Introduction to Landscape Analysis and Physiography of Oregon

    In-Class Exercise: Introduction to Geomorphic Analysis
    In-Class Exercise: Introduction to Landscape Observation

    Journal Reading Assignment: Due Oct. 9, 2012
  • Click here for link to Geomorphology papers / download

    Lab 2 - Introduction to Aerial Photography
    Lab 3 - Online Air Photo Interpretation Lab Using Powerpoint (click and open in Powerpoint)

    Humans as Geomorphic Agents / Erosion Rate Problem
  • Hooke (2000) Article: "Humans as Geomorphic Agents"

    Lab X- Tombstone Weathering Analysis
  • Tombstone Weathering Data Sheet (MS Excel)

    Lab 4 - Introduction to Data Analysis via Hillslope Morphometry
  • Additional Reading: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

    Lab 5 - Soil Surveys as a Tool for Geomorphic Analysis
  • Additional Reading: Lindholm, 1994, Using Soil Surveys to Develop Geologic Maps

    In-Class: Watershed Hydrology Problems

    In-Class: Western Cascades Erosion Problem

    Introduction to Watershed Morphometry Exercise

    Lab 6 Part 1 - Fluvial Geomorphology (Field Techniques)

    Lab 6 Part 2 - Fluvial Geomorphology (Hydrologic Analysis)
  • Blank Graph Paper (10 x 10 linear, Gumbel Plots)
  • Flow Meter Velocity Conversion Chart

    Lab 6 Part 3 - Drainage Basin Analysis

    Lab 7 - Alluvial Fan Morphometry

    Lab XX - Glacial Dynamics and Climate Change

    Lab 8 - Tectonic Geomorphology of Steens Mountain
  • In-Class Exercise: Topographic Expression of Folded Terrain

    Lab 9 - Neotectonics and Coastal Processes of Oregon
  • Quaternary Ice Volume Climate Reconstructions

    Surface Water Hydrology Techniques

    USGS Water Watch Web Site (Portal to U.S. Streamflow Data)

  • Beeson, 1968, Comparison of Flood Frequency Methods Used by Federal Agencies

  • Tips and Guidelines for Conducting Streamflow Analysis

  • Overview of Flood Frequency Analysis

  • Overview of Annual Streamflow Analysis
  • Tutorial on Annual Streamflow Anlysis
  • Annual Tutorial Data (*.xls)

  • Tutorial on Daily Streamflow Analysis
  • Tutorial on Instantaneous Streamflow Analysis
  • Instantaneous Tutorial Data (*.xls)

  • Overview of Flow Duration Analysis
  • Tutorial on Flow Duration Analysis
  • Flow Duration Tutorial Data (*.xls)

    Lab Data

    Fall 2012 Data

    Fall 2012 - Tombstone Weathering Cumulative Data

    Fall 2009 Data

    Fall 2009 - Tombstone Weathering Cumulative Data
    Combined Fall 2008-2009 - Tombstone Weathering Cumulative Data

    Fall 2008 Data

    Fall 2008 - Tombstone Weathering Cumulative Data
    Fall 2008 - Grinnell Glacier Data

    Fall 2006 Data

    Tombstone Weathering Data Set 1 (Josh/Pat)
    Tombstone Weathering Data Set 2 (Aaron/Renae)
    Tombstone Weathering Data Set 3 (Dan/Cody)
    Tombstone Weathering Data Set 4 (Ian/Melissa)
    Tombstone Weathering Data Set 5 (Nolan/Courtney)
    Tombstone Weathering Data Set 6 (Kristin/Trevor)
    Tombstone Weathering Data Set 7 (Andrew/Rachel)

    Fall 2004 Data

    Fall 2004 Tombstone Weathering Data
    Fall 2004 Debris Flow Experiment Data
    Fall 2004 Helmick/Luckiamute Transect Data

    Other Data

    Data Analysis Tutorial (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
    Appalachian Slope Data (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
    Polk County, OR Soil Survey Data Sheet (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
    Luckiamute River Data (vel., Tables 4,5,6) (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
    Fall 2000 Luckiamute River Transect Data (MS Excel Spreadsheet)
    Fall 2000 Luckiamute Bridge Data (Acrobat Reader File)
    Fall 2000 Luckiamute Channel Data (Acrobat Reader File)
    Fall 2001 Luckiamute-Baker Ck Data (Excel File)
    Fall 2003 Helmick/Luckiamute Transect Data
    Decker's Creek, WV Discharge Data
    Fan Morphometry Lab Data (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Tectonic Geomorphology of Steens Mountain (Excel Spreadsheet)
    Coastal Lab Data (Part 1)- Tables 1, 2, 3, 3A
    Coastal Lab Data (Part 2)- Tables 4, 5

    Software Downloads / Applications

    Methods of Particle-Size Sampling and Analysis for Gravel-Bed Rivers (Bunte and Abt, 2001)
  • Excel Pebble Count Analysis (enable macros)(Potyondy and Kristin Bunte, 2001)
  • Excel ZigZag Pebble Count Analysis (enable macros)(Bevenger and King, 1995)

    Link to USGS Flood Frequency Analysis Web Site
  • USGS Flood Frequency Software Installation Instructions
  • USGS Flood Frequency Software (self-extracting zip)
  • USGS Flood Frequency Software (accompanying Access Database File)

    Link to USACE Hydraulic Engineering Web Site
  • HECRAS ArcView Pre-Processing Extension (self-extracting zip)
  • HECRAS ArcView Extension Users Manual
  • HECRAS (v.3.1.2) (self-extracting zip, with manuals and samples data)

    Link to USFS Stream Systems Technology Center - WinXSPRO: A Channel Cross-Section Analyzer
  • Win XSPRO User Manual
  • Win XSPRO (v.3.0) Channel X-Section Analyzer (self-extracting zip, rename to *.exe and run)
  • Link to Culvert BC Images of Mannings "n" Estimates

    Stochastic Dune Simulation Model (from Baas, 2002; *.exe, text data files, *.pdf user manual)
  • Baas (2002) “Simulating dune landscapes in vegetated environments” (Geomorphology 48, 309-328)

    Lab Answer Keys

    Topo Map Lab Key
    Airphoto Map Lab Key
    Humans as Geomorphic Agents/Rate Problem
    Hillslope Analysis Lab Key
    In-Class Exercise Keys (Part 1)
    Map Scale Review Key
    Physics Review Exercise Key
    Tombstone Weathering Key
    Fluvial Lab Key
    Baker Creek Landslide Key
    Tectonic Geomorphology Key
    Coast Lab Key

    Study Guides and Lab Portfolio Instructions

    Mid-Term Study Guide - Fall 2012
    Final Exam Study Guide- Fall 2012
    Fall 2012 Midterm Lab Portfolio Instructions
    Final Lab Portfolio Checklist - Fall 2012

    Moodle Online Class Materials

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    WOU Portal to Online Classes

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    Link to Fall 2007 Reds Wolman Lecture at Boston College

    USGS Water Watch Web Site (Portal to U.S. Streamflow Data)

    Watershed Processes Group - Oregon State University

    Link to River Restoration Northwest

    Luna Leopold River Reference Library (UC Berkeley)
    Oregon Debris Flow Hazard Resources
    Link to River Basin Bulletin Boards
    Geomorphology Journal (abstracts and links to current geomorphic research)
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    Vanderbilt University Geomorph Image Library
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    Quaternary Climate of SW / Western U.S.
    Historical Photos from Willamette Basin Stream Survey (1934-1945)
    FILTER - Fluvial Geomorphology Online Resource and Tutorial (University of Bristol)
    Searchable Bibliography of Canadian Geomorphology
    USGS Missoula Flood Information Site
    Link to Binghamton Symposium Volume: "The Scientific Nature of Geomorphology"
    Link to Terrain Analysis Software Web Site (John Lindsay, University of Western Ontario)
    USDA Stream Systems Technology Center
    AGI World Image Bank
    Berkeley Geoimages Project