Winter 2011 Final Project / Poster Presentations

Sixes River (Clarno and Albertson)
Beaver Creek (Becker and Anzalone)
Lower Coast Fork (Berg and Richardson)
Lower Coquille (Beister, Johsonson and Lowes)
Kilchis River (Helwig and Brown)
Necanicum (Bulen and Phillips)
Yamhill River (Leet and Cruser)
Gales Creek (Dana and Keller)
Siuslaw River (Lundy and Doyle)
Lower Siletz River (Fletcher and Stephenson)
Umpqua River (Frischia and Moore)

Winter 2009 Final Project / Poster Presentations

Amanda Tondreau-Hanna Thoman: Gales Creek Poster
  • Gales Creek Geospatial Data

    Seth Webb-Andrew Holmes: Beaver Creek-Waldport Bay-Vingie Creek Poster
  • Beaver Creek Geospatial Data I
  • Beaver Creek Geospatial Data II

    Alicia Thompson-Chris Meyer: Lower Coquille Poster
  • Lower Coquille Geospatial Data

    Patrick Ferrari-Rachel Johnson: Lower Coast Fork Willamette Poster
  • Lower Coast Fork Geospatial Data

    Matt Buche-Ryan Stanley: Sixes River Poster
  • Sixes Geospatial Data

    Mark Barnes-Brandon Button: Lower Siletz Poster
  • Lower Siletz Geospatial Data

    Alyssa Marquez-Brenna Susee: Mill Creek / Upper Umpqua Poster
  • Mill Creek Geospatial Data

    Joe Krom-Thomas VanNice: Kilchis River Poster
  • Kilchis River Geospatial Data

    Bill Vreeland-Roberto Rios-Dustin Fulks: West Fork Millicoma Poster
  • West Fork Millicoma Geospatial Data

    2007 Final Project / Poster Presentations

    Ross Waitt - Big Elk Creek
    Kristin Mooney - Elk River
    Pami Monnette - Gale Creek
    Courtney Stowell - North Yamhill

    Winter 2007 Poster Template (*.ppt powerpoint file)
    Winter 2007 Poster Template (*.ppt powerpoint file)