ERTH350 Environmental Geology

Class Syllabus (Adobe Acrobat Format)

Spring 2005 Class Syllabus

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Class Notes

The class notes are organized according to their order of occurrence throughout the term. They are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format. Acrobat Reader is invoked as a plug-in within the web browser environment. It is available on most machines at WOU. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for free by returning to Taylor's Home Page

Exam study guides will be included as the term progresses. Please check future postings as exam time approaches

Introductory Notes

Plate Tectonics / Rocks and Minerals

Overview of Oregon Geology

Oregon Geologic Hazards Management

Seismic Hazards

Related Paleoseismology Reports from the U.S. Geological Survey

Overview of Structural Geology and Principles of Geologic Map Interpretation

Volcanic Hazards

Flood Hazards

River Restoration / Fluvial Habitat Issues

Mass Wasting / Debris Flow Hazards

Water Resources and Pollution

  • Intro to Water and Hydrologic Cycle
  • Water Pollution Issues


    Coastal Hazards and Development Issues

    Global Climate Change

    Landfill / Solid Waste Management

    Class Slide Shows

    Tectonics Overview
    Rock and Mineral Photos
    Online Mineral-Basics Study Guide
    Online Rock-Basics Study Guide
    Seismic Hazards
    Volcanic Hazards
    Hydrologic Cycle / Global Water Budget
  • Hydrologic Cycle Animation (NASA)
    Rivers and Flood Hazards
    Mass Wasting Hazards
    Introduction to Groundwater
    Water Pollution Overview

    Additional Class Exercises

    Unit Conversion Tables

    Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Geology

    Introduction to Three-Point Problems (strike and dip)

    Introduction to Engineering Geology Problem Set Flood Hazards Lab
  • Surface Water Equation List
  • Surface Water Data (Excel)

    Slope Stability Problem Set

    Groundwater Flow Problem Set

    Coast Field Trip Background Reading Assignment
    Coast Field Trip Handouts

    Click here to join a global climate model experiment!

    Lab / Quiz Answer Keys

    Topo Map Lab Key
    Map Scale Review Exercise
    Intro to Quantitative Methods Key
    Freeman Tectonics Lab Answer Key
    Freeman Map Lab Answer Key
    Freeman Mineral Lab Answer Key
    Freeman Igneous Rock Lab Answer Key
    Freeman Sedimentary Rock Lab Answer Key
    Freeman Metamorphic Rock Lab Answer Key
    Freeman Earthquake Lab Answer Key
    Freeman Geologic Map Lab Answer Key
    Intro to Rock Properties Lab Key
    Three-Point Problem (Pittsburgh Coal) Answer Key

    Slope Stability / Mass Wasting Lab Key
    Groundwater Flow Problems Key

    Writing Guides

    General Guide to Technical Writing for Earth Science Students

    A General Template for Compiling a Lab Exercise Portfolio

    Study Guides

    Quiz 1 Study Guide and Lab Exercise Check List
    Updated Midterm Study Guide and Portfolio Instructions
    Final Exam Study Guide