Monmouth-Independence Groundwater Project Page

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Project Proposals and Supporting Documents

  • Taylor and Dana, 2009, The Distribution and Occurrence of Nitrate in Groundwater Supplies in the Monmouth-Independence Area, Oregon
  • Taylor, 2010, Proposal for Hydrogeologic Assessment and Aquifer Characterization at the Luckiamute State Natural Area
  • Taylor, 2004, Geology and Hydrogeology of the Luckiamute-Ash Creek Basins, Oregon

    Literature and Reference Resources

    Regional Hydrogeology of Willamette Valley

    Caldwell (1993) Hydrogeology and Groundwater Quality of the Dallas-Monmouth, Area (M.S. Thesis, PSU)
  • Caldwell (1993) Well Data (*.xls)

    Eldridge (2003) Southern Willamette Valley Groundwater Quality Study
    Gannet and Caldwell (1998) Geologic Framework of the Willamette-Puget Lowland
    Gonthier (1983) Groundwater Resources of the Dallas-Monmouth, Area
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    Lane County Council of Governments (2008) Nitrate in Southern Willamette Valley
    Monmouth, Oregon Comprehensive Plan (2008)
    Mutti (2006) Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Nitrate in Southern Willamette Valley (OSU MS Thesis)
    O'Connor et al. (2001) Quaternary Deposits of the Willamette Valley
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    Nitrate Literature

    Addiscott (2005) Overview of Nitrogen and Nitrate Occurrence
    Addiscott (2005) Chemistry of Nitrate
    Addiscott (2005) Biology of Nitrate
    Addiscott (2005) Nitrate Occurrence in Freshwater
    Addiscott (2005) Nitrate Health Risks and Environmental Quality

    Heathwaite (1993) Nitrogen Cycles in Surface Water
    Ball (1993) Nitrate and Environmental Law
    Burt and Trudgill (1993) Nitrate Occurrence in Groundwater
    Hall and Croll (1993) Nitrate Treatment

    Wood et al., 2007, Surface Water-Groundwater Exchange

    Data Download

    Luckiamute-Ash Creek Groundwater GIS Data (including Monmouth Area)
    Luckiamute-Ash Creek Well Log Summary and Aquifer Characterization (including Monmouth Area)

    Luckiamute State Natural Area Hydrogeology / GIS Data Layers (UTM, Zone 10N, 1927 NAD, meters)
  • Luckiamute State Natural Area 1995 DOQ (UTM, Zone 10N, 1927 NAD, meters)

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