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Analytical Chemistry/Instrumental Methods Multimedia

Useful Electronics and Instrumentation Links:
Links to Digital Signal Processing
There is an incredible site called The Optics Project at Mississippi State that contains tutorials and QuickTime movies for -
Here are the Analytical Chemistry links to Virginia Tech's Chemistry Hypermedia Project
Hypermedia produced by Dr. James Hardy at the University of Akron:

QuickTime movies taken from various Hardy pages:

NMR Hypermedia materials:
Chromatography links -

1. Dr. Yuri Kazakevich and Prof. H.M.McNair at Virginia Tech have developed an excellent hypertext on Basic Liquid Chromatography.

2. Dr. H.J. Chaves das Neves at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal, has a useful page on troubleshooting in HPLC.

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