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Ch 473 - The Chemistry Behind the
Environmental Issues (Winter 2009)

Antarctic Ozone Hole, August 2006

A survey of the chemistry behind environmental issues in Oregon and in the World. The major issues covered are Ozone Layer Depletion, Climate Change, Toxic Chemicals and Heavy Metals, and Air and Water Pollution. On a more local level we will investigate recent research on the decline of amphibians, the health of the Willamette River, progress on cleaning up Portland Harbor, and herbicide and pesticide use in the Willamette Valley.

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Instructor Dr. Pete Poston
office: NS 110
phone: 503-838-8218
office hours: MWF 11, W 3, R 1, make an appointment, or just drop by.
email questions: postonp@wou.edu
Web page: http://www.wou.edu/poston
Pre-req's One year of college chemistry and ES 351; or consent of instructor

"Environmental Chemistry", 4th ed., Colin Baird, Freeman, New York, 2008

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Environmental Issues:

  • Ozone Layer Depletion
  • Climate Change
  • Chemicals, Toxics and Heavy Metals
  • Air and Water Pollution
  • Amphibian Declines (Prof. Andrew Blaustein, OSU)
  • Oregon 303(d) List (state water health report)
  • Pesticides, herbicides - agricultural practices Williamette Valley, National Forests
  • Portland Harbor Superfund Site
  • Willamette River - "Newberg Trough"
  • Arsenic in the Groundwater - don't panic! It's out there though.
Week Reading Topic
Jan 5 Ch. 1:
p. 27-43
p. 47-48
p. 50-55

Ch. 2:
p. 59-85

Chapter 1 Stratospheric Chemistry: The Ozone Layer

Chapter 2 The Ozone Holes

Jan 12 Ch. 3:
p. 91-103

Ch. 5:
p. 175-181

Chapter 3 The Chemistry of Ground-Level Air Pollution

Chapter 5 The Detailed Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Jan 19 Ch. 6:
p. 205-224
p. 229-243
p. 246-257

Monday, Jan 19th MLK Holiday

Chapter 6 The Greenhouse Effect

Jan 26 ----
Feb 2 Ch. 10:
p. 415-446
p. 452-461

Chapter 10 Pesticides

Exam #1 - Wed, Feb 4

Feb 9* Ch. 11:
p. 469-504
Chapter 11 Dioxins, Furans, and PCBs
Feb 16 Ch. 12:
p. 507-528
Chapter 12 Other Toxic Organic Compounds of Environmental Concern
Feb 23 Ch. 13:
p. 557-592
Chapter 13 The Chemistry of Natural Waters
Mar 2 Ch. 15:
p. 663-684
p. 686-705

Chapter 15 Toxic Heavy Metals

Exam #2 - Wed, Mar 4

Mar 9 ----
*The last day to drop a class without being responsible for a grade is Friday, Feb 13th

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