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BA/BS Degree in Chemistry
This program is designed as a preparation for professional work in chemistry, graduate work in pure or applied chemistry, or as a core for pre-professional training in the health sciences or secondary education. Coupling this program with an appropriate minor allows students to enter related sciences such as biochemistry, oceanography, and the environmental or atmospheric sciences.

The chemistry core curriculum consists of coursework in general, organic, analytical and physical chemistry accompanied by a significant laboratory component plus study in either inorganic, biochemistry or instrumentation via limited electives. The remainder of the program consists of career supportive electives. The elective courses offered, and their sequence, depends on resources available and student demand.

The ideal high school preparation for a prospective chemistry major includes chemistry, physics and a minimum of three years of mathematics. To enter the chemistry program, students should test into Mth 111 or higher.

  • B.A. Chemistry Degree Requirements:
    • Mathematics (Mth 254)*
    • Information Systems (CS 161)
    • Completion of the third term of the second year of a foreign language course

  • B.S. Chemistry Degree Requirements:
    • Mathematics (Mth 252, 254)*
    • Information Systems (CS 161)
    *Mth 253 is not required. Students may enroll in Mth 254 directly after Mth 252.
  • B.A. & B.S. Degrees:
    • A total of 6 credits in couses identified in the catalog as addressing multicultural,linguistic or ethnic diversity in a significant way.
    • The writing intensive courses Ch 350, Ch 407, Ch 461, and Ch 462.
    • The sequence Ph 211, 212, 213 is to be completed as the LACC science requirement.

Course Number Course Description Credit Hours Offering Frequency
Ch 221, 222, 223 General Chemistry 15 twice annually
Ch 312 Quantitative Analysis 4 annually
Ch 313 Instrumental Analysis 4 annually
Ch 334, 335, 336 Organic Chemistry 12 annually
Ch 350 Chemical Literature 1 annually
Ch 407 Seminar 1 annually
Ch 440, 441, 442 Physical Chemistry 9 alternate years
Ch 461, 462, 463 Experimental Chemistry 6 alternate years
Mth 251, 252, 254 Calculus 15 annually

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