Chemical Literature Project

Winter 2013

Your Mission

Your mission is to choose a chemical topic of current scientific interest, do a complete literature search on that topic, prepare a document detailing what you learned about the topic and present the information to the class. Your topic must be approved by the instructor.

How Do I Find a Topic?

There are a number of ways to go about finding a topic.

What Am I Required to Do?

You must carry out an extensive literature search on your topic. You will base your project on a paper from the primary literature. It must be a peer-reviewed research publication. You must use Chem Abstracts in your literature search. You must utilize the primary chemical literature in developing your project and have references that include papers published in the last 15 years in peer-reviewed journals. You may use information from the World Wide Web as long as you can determine if the source is scientifically sound. However "popular" websites may not provide a bulk of your resources.

How Do I Present My Research?

  1. Your written presentation will be in the form of a webpage.
  2. The class will view your webpage as you give a short formal presentation of your topic.
  3. You will prepare a written abstract and outline for the class

Here are some materials you may find useful in working on your project. Check back as new materials may be added from time to time.