Using CAS Registry Numbers

Do Parts I & II in the LRegistry File. For Part III, use the LRegistry and LCA files. Remember to use the EXPAND command in your chemical name searches. When you display the results take note of the various names that are present for each substance.

Part I. Find CAS Registry Numbers for the following substances:

1. Naphthalene

2. a-Chlorostyrene

3. g,g-Dimethylallyl alcohol

4. Chloral hydrate

5. Benz[a]pyrene

6. para-Dichlorobenzene

7. m-Nitrotoluene

8. N,N'-Dimethylbarbituric acid

9. cis-1,4-Dichlorocyclohexane

10. 2-Amino-4,5-diphenylthiazole

11. Zinc chloride

12. Tylenol

13. Ibuprofen

14. Bicyclo[1.1.0]butane

Part II. Find CAS Registry Numbers for the following substances:

1. ZnCl2

2. NaOH

3. H2SO4

4. C12H22ClN3O8

Part III. Combine registry numbers with your other search techniques.

  1. M. Jones is studying the negative effects that nitrazepam has on the memory. Locate any articles by this author on nitrazepam.
  2. Trazodone hydrochloride is a compound which affects blood pressure. The chemists at Mead Johnson's Pharmaceutical Division have been sudying this compound. Find these articles in LCA.
  3. Ethylene glycol has been used for years in antifreeze. Has triethylene glycol ever been used in an antifreeze composition?