Searching for General Information on a Chemical Topic

In this exercise you will use both the paper and electronic resources available through the WOU Library to build a bibliography for the topic "insect control using hormones and pheromones."

Begin your search by defining, with the aid of a chemical dictionary, the terms hormone and pheromone. In parentheses, footnote the dictionary you utilized and indicate the page where the definition appears. Next, consult the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology that is found in the Reference Room of the Library (Q121.M3 2012). Use the index of the encyclopedia to locate topics concerning insect control which are relevant to your search. Use the Library's online catalog to develop a list of relevant treatises, monographs, and books to add to your bibliography. Complete your search using the Library's periodical indices or databases to find recent journal articles relevant to this topic.

Write a short discussion of how hormones and pheromones are used in insect control (1 page summary). Append your bibliography to this summary. The bibliography you generate will be an annotated bibliography. In addition to the standard bibliographical information, for works available in the WOU Library (either in hard copy or via electronic form such as html or PDF), you should include a description of what is found in each work that relates to the topic (~150 words or less per annotation). For each entry in your bibliography, indicate if it is an example of primary, secondary or tertiary literature.

Choose one of the journal articles that you included in your annotated bibliography to do the following part of the assignment. Underline and annotate a copy of the article as described in the handout about reading scientific articles. Write a summary (no more than 1 page) of this article.

Chemistry has its own conventions for writing bibliographic citations. The ACS Style Guide presents these style conventions. These are the conventions that you are to use in your annotated bibliography. Although not complete, you can find some examples of different types of citations here. Your citation will be formatted following the conventions for end-of-article reference lists. You may use the Zotero plug-in for Firefox ( to generate your bibliography, however you should check each of the generated references to make sure it does correspond to the style conventions in the ACS Style Guide. Ultimately, you will be graded on the basis of the style guide reference system, so check to make sure the automated system gives you the correct style for every one of your references.

This assignment is to be submitted as a PDF via Moodle. You file should be named according to the following convention:


Example: Assign1_CourtneyA_AnnBib.pdf


The underlined and annotated journal article is to be turned in either as a hard copy or uploaded as a pdf file.