CH 336 Organic Chemistry Lab

Spring 2008

Instructor: Dr. Arlene Courtney, NS 112
Course Description: The majority of this term will be spent learning how to identify unknown organic substances. You will be given three unknown organic compounds which you will identify using qualitative organic testing.


Date Topic

Rodig Exp.#/

Other Materials

Pre-lab Questions Post-lab Questions Other Assignments

Diels-Alder Reaction

Library Electronic Reserves in the Ch 335 file

33 A A - 2,4,5
B - 3,4,5
4/10 Squalor Unknowns        
4/17 Unknowns Identification

48 (Qualitative Organic Analyses)

Guidelines for Determination of Organic Unknowns

p. 701 #3   Squalor Unknowns Due
4/24 Unknowns Identification 48, Guidelines p. 701 #5    
5/01 Unknowns Identification 48, Guidelines      
5/08 Unknowns Identification 48, Guidelines      
5/15 Unknowns Identification 48, Guidelines      
5/22 Unknowns Identification 48, Guidelines      
5/29 Academic Excellence Showcase

Presentation of Unknown Identities

Lab Checkout

Lab Final


Chemistry Laboratory Policy

Unknowns will be turned in on 3 x 5 index cards for grading.

Laboratory attendance is manditory unless you have been previously excused for attendance at a university activity. Missed labs will result in a 5 point deduction from your laboratory grade. Attendance will be taken each period. You must be in the laboratory at the beginning of the laboratory period. There will be no working in the laboratoryAT ANY OTHER TIMES than the Thursday laboratory periods.

Shorts and sandals MAY NOT be worn in the lab. You will NOT be permitted to work in the laboratory wearing such items.

Safety goggles MUST be worn at all times. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the lab and a 10 pt deduction from the lab grade!!!!

You MUST have a Chem Ticket with you when working in the laboratory.


Keeping A Laboratory Notebook: Some Notes

The Oral Presentation

You will deliver a poster presentation of the identification of one of your unknowns to the class during the last laboratory period. Your poster should outline all the steps that you carried out to determine the identity of your unknown and the conclusions that you were able to draw from each procedure. Sample posters from a previous class are located in the display case in the hall outside the organic lab room. You will be graded on the quality of your oral presentation as well as the visual and content quality of your poster.

POSTER PRESENTATION 15 pts The laboratory portion of the course comprises 20% of the total grade for Ch 336
Laboratory Final 25 pts
TOTAL 100 pts

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