Organic Chemistry Reaction Study Aids

If you follow the links on this page, you will find a number of resources to help you practice your organic reactions.
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This midterm exam will incorporate new material from Chapters 4, 5, and Chapter 6 sections 6.1-6.3 in your textbook. However, remember that Organic Chemistry is a cumulative topic so the material from previous chapters is still active for this exam. You will be allowed to use your molecular models on the examination.

You can view a copy of midterm #2 from Fall 2001 here.

NOTE: I did not even look at thiss exam in preparing your midterm. The topics on the example exam may differ from last year.


Organic Webcards. A set of flash cards covering some of the chapters in your textbook.

Here are some study questions that cover some of the same material that will be on your second exam. I would suggest that you try to answer these questions as if you were taking an exam.

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Some Practice Problems:
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