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Organic Laboratory Resources

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Laboratory Notebook

Writing The Laboratory Notebook
Suggestions For Keeping A Laboratory Notebook

Information Resources

Finding Chemical Information
This site gives links for finding chemical information.
Hazards of Chemicals
This site discusses the topic of hazardous chemicals.
Material Safety Data Sheets.
This site describes what information can be obtained from an MSDS and provides links to obtaining them.
, Hazardous Material Classification Labels
These sites demystify the chemical hazard labels found on laboratory reagent bottles.
Fire Safety
This site describes the different classes of fires and appropriate means of extinguishing them.
An On-line version of the Aldrich Chemical Catalog which provides physical data for thousands of organic compounds.
Including physical property data and chemical structures for 1000+ common compounds.
This periodic table on the World-Wide Web can provide you with almost any data about an element you might want to know.


ChemSketch Freeware
Download a program which allows you to draw structures and equations which can be printed or merged into word processing documents. You will need this for your formal report and presentations second and third term.

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