There are almost as many ways to train a dog as there are people to do the training. The columns reproduced here represent my opinions on how to train for obedience and agility. The methods that I describe have worked for me and my students. In my columns, I attempt to break each exercise into small elements which can be trained and then combined. In writing these columns, I provide a detailed description of how each of the elements might be approached and the sequence in which I would train them. Please realize that I have to do this without actually observing the behavior of your dog so my advice is somewhat generic. Not all dogs need to do every step along the way, and some may need the exercises broken into even smaller units. It is the challenge of each trainer to discover how his or her dog learns best and to make individual modifications. My ultimate goal is to get you to think about what you will do in training before you put a leash on your dog. As I get time, I will add links to these pages that probably were not part of the original publications. Hopefully, you can find something that will be of use to you in this archive.

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