Ch 412 emphasizes the principles of inorganic chemistry that are most useful in predicting and explaining the descriptive chemistry of the elements. The course begins with a review of the basic periodic properties of atoms, ions and molecules such as valence-electron configurations, Lewis dot structures, trends in electronegativity, ionic radii, and oxidation numbers. These principles will be utilized to explain and predict the chemical reactions of inorganic substances. We will focus on a particular reaction or property at a time. You will first observe the descriptive chemistry to be studied via hands-on experimentation and then develop principles to explain your observations. These principles will be explained and amplified in lecture, used to predict additional chemistry and then applied to phenomena in such nontraditional areas of chemistry as geochemistry, environmental chemistry, metallurgy, chemical safety, medicinal chemistry and biochemistry. This course has three classroom hours per week. Successful completion of Ch 223 is required for enrollment in Ch 412.