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Mathematics Department

WOU Policy on Academic Dishonesty

Judicial action may be initiated by the University and educational and/or punitive sanctions may be assigned to any student or recognized student organization found participating in, attempting to participate in, or assisting others in participating in any of the following prohibited forms of conduct:

Academic Dishonesty, which includes but is not limited to:

    1. Cheating - intentional use, or attempted use of artifice, deception, fraud, and/or misrepresentation of one’s academic work;
    2. Fabrication - unauthorized falsification and/ or invention of any information or citation in any academic exercise;
    3. Facilitating dishonesty - helping or attempting to help another person commit an act of academic dishonesty. This includes students who substitute for other persons in examinations or represent as their own papers, reports, or any other academic work of others;
    4. Plagiarism - representing without giving credit the words, data, or ideas of another person as one’s own work in ny academic exercise. This includes submitting, in whole or in part, prewritten term papers of another or the research of another, including but not limited to the product of commercial vendors who sell or distribute such materials, and the appropriation and/or use of electronic data of another person or persons as one’s own, or using such data without giving proper credit for it. Any use or attempted use of electronic devices in gaining an illegal advantage in academic work in which the use of these devices is prohibited, and such devices include but are not limited to cell phones, PDAs, laptops, programmable calculators, removable disk drives, etc.

    See the Code of Student Responsbility


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